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Once upon a girl ...

Bedtime Stories For Grown Ups


Mother Goose has been put on trial for obscenity. After years of fairy tales to children is the fall of a myth. The twist is that she refuse to defend herself, exposing the hypocrisy of the world of fairy tales. We discover that some famous stories as "Jack and the Beanstalk," "Cinderella" or "Red Riding Hood" aren't exactly as we know. No, they have really hot moments, very bold, with frogs used as a dildo, sex-hungry monsters of the forest and other perversions. Finally all is revealed, that make this movie a "cult movie" "X-rated", which mixes scenes with actors to a lot of animation.

Hal Smith, not a unknown person, but an actor famous for a character played in the TV series "The Andy Griffith Show," interprets the main character and female "Mother Goose." His presence already worth watching this film, and if isn't enough there is also the presence of animators who can boast of having worked for several major productions (including "Walt Disney") and for major feature films animation.

A cast of a certain rank, perhaps tired of normal things or maybe just amused by the idea of ​​doing something outside the box and to create a very original film, although not one fully successful. The structure sketch is typical of the period, that is, a series of situations that lead to hot cartoon moments.

What saves this film is clearly the quality of the animation (given the cast) that also makes up a showy dips ideas.

If "Jack and the Beanstalk" is a hard parody of the original, fun and crazy, "Red Riding Hood" instead comes off totally from history, proposing a scheme not very attractive. Easy game instead with "Cinderella," the fairy tale maybe the most reinterpreted in hard version. The spoof is simple and is the same made by others, with the addition of a "bitter end" that raises the vote.

"Once Upon A Girl" is a classic seventies movies, with its ups and downs, to see if you love a certain cinema.