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Lust For A Vampire

Build a girls' college near a ruined  and much talked about is a convenient choice for everyone. First of all, for the girls, who can study the epic of family Karlstein (seem they do only that) and make nice jokes. Then, is good for the vampires who have near them a reservoir of blue-eyed virgins. (!) And finally, is good for the director and screenwriter, who move the characters move from a place to another in few seconds. A little 'less for us, but it does not matter.
Marcilla, Millarca, Carmilla, to tell the truth Mircalla, back in the second movie of the trilogy Karlstein by "Hammer", which began with "The Vampire Lovers". A series that was to refurbish the image of the British production house, taking inspiration from a story by Le Fanu and with  'tits, kissing and squeezes .
Having seen the pleasant "The Vampire Lovers" we hoped that the second episode was of the same strength. Error. "Lust Of The Vampire", start in a wrong way, already in pre-production. Jimmy Sangster replaces as director at the last moment, the injured Terence Fischer, a good and succesful director, a hero of the "Hammer", for which he directed several horror remake hits such as "The Curse Of Frankenstein" "Dracula," "The Mummy," "The Phantom Of The Opera". Sangster instead is much better known as a screenwriter, also successful and relevant for the English house, rather than as a director.
Ingrid Pitt one of the protagonists of the previous films, decided not to bring his German accent in history, because the script, she thinks, is very poor. Then again, Peter Cushing  reject the role, to be close to his sick wife and he was substitute, always at last, by  Ralph Bates which performs the task, considering later this interpretation as the worst in his career. Finally, the beautiful Madleine Smith, another star of "The Vampire Lovers", "sacrifices" herself at the very first scenes. And think that these are just the events of pre-production!
Returning to Ingrid Pitt that defines the script as poos, it must be said that she is not dealing with a hysteria star, but definitely she understands all. Because even if there Sangster although , although as director and Tudor Gates who writes the script again, the story is poor and especially underdeveloped. In the harem of the this female college, with the girls skilfully introduced as virgin vestals, there were plenty of room to blow up a horror story with a little' of eroticism (always an ounce, without exaggeration, remember) as designed. Instead, the whole thing becomes a never-ending romance that breaks down also the heart problems of the main character that would be potentially interesting as there is a vampire torn between her nature and love.
"Lust For A Vampire" is also a film that shows in a more than a few free topless, for example, when the girls to go to sleep or during a neck massage! without  miss so many subjective over the shoulder of the actress, so to put at least a tit in the image. The hottest moment is, of course, to the carnal relationship between the vampire and the main male character, a scene that has the burden of satisfying the morbidity of the male audience (it succeed discreetly).
The rest is then supplemented by narrative choices, like the one quoted at the beginning and also from the classic fact that everyone wants to go to secluded places and strictly at midnight.
Luckily the elegance of "Hammer" with its beautiful reconstructions, beautiful costumes and part of outdoor places recreate in a studio (extreme fake, but we likeit),  rises a little our 'morale, although a blooper in the end, breaks down the movie.
Mircalla, young, blonde girl,  arrive one day at this luxurious women's college, built near the abandoned castle of the family Karlstein. At the same time comes the well-known writer Richard Lestrange, who takes a teaching post. Almost immediately, some girls begin to disappear mysteriously, all seduced by Mircalla, which is actually named Carmilla Karlstein, a vampire resurrected in search of hot blood. Even the teachers Lestrange and Barton fall in love with the beautiful blonde and the first one have return feelings creating some problems in the soul of the vampire. The attempt to hide the incidents by the director is unmasked by an investigator  a little  "Monty Python" and his investigations lead (after centuries!) in a Frankenstein style revolt by the people of small village.
The cast is made up of well-known actors especially at the time, Barbara Jefford, great theater actress (and partly TV star), Suzanna Leigh, seen in many TV series, Pippa Steel interpreter of the whole trilogy and David Healy, who played the U.S. stereotype in several British productions.
The protagonists are instead: Ralph Bates, Yutte Stensgaard and Michael Johnson. The first, in addition to having a relationship with Louis Pasteur was a great British talent became famous for the TV series "The Caesars" of 1968. He then became one of the big actors of "Hammer" for which he plays several films debuting with "Taste The Blood Of Dracula", playing the lead role in "The Horror Of Frankenstein" and "Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde" and of course doing here Professor Barton (a role that would, in hindsight, preferred not to play).
With the crisis of the "Hammer" he has begun to work more often in television productions, not so much famous.
Micheal Johnson instead was a purely television actor, who here plays the Prof.Lestrange, horror writer, who falls in love  with Carmilla. Carmilla is played by Yutte Stensgaard, blonde Danish actress, she had a great body and a terrible physical expression. She emigrated to Britain to seek fortune in the cinema, but made her debut in the Italian film "La Ragazza con la pistola" by Mario Monicelli. Then she appears in various TV series and horror films, some of which comedies, reaching her peak with this movie. Given the artistic failure, she moved to the United States, where she began working for a network of Christian radio. In that case, the crucifix has not scared her!