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Foxy Brown

"Do not mess aroun 'with Foxy Brown"

Beautiful, relentless and very, very cool. Foxy Brown! The female character's most influential in genre cinema and the most famous created by Jack Hill and starring Pam Grier.
A character who, however, blows up afratricidal "challenge": better "Foxy Brown" or"Coffy"?
Because Foxy born as a sequel of  "The Baddest One-chick hit-squad That ever hit town" and under the title "Burn, Coffy, Burn", but the "American International Pictures" wants to create a movie not linked to the previous film. A choice that requires many changes to the script and to omit, for example, the job of Foxy.
But this is only officially a different movie, because the story and the heroin are the same  as well. A woman (beautiful) who seeking revenge, fighting against a white gang involved in  drugs and prostitution.
The difference lies in the fact that Foxy is much more pop and she change clothes (which today would envy every lover of vintage) in almost every scene. The pack is more stilish so, and the queen of the "blaxploitation" is more sexy than showed in topless a thing that probably pushed this movie to a wider audience.
After almost forty years, "Foxy Brown" is a good movie, compact, not original in the subject, but very pleasant. Jack Hill plays it safe even with the cast, in which there are always the clumsy Antonio Fargas and the fierce Sid Haig, accompanied by the experienced television actor Peter Brown, Kathryn Loder who starred in some genre films of that period (this part was written for her) and especially by Terry Carter known to the audience for be a producer and for his role as Sergeant Joe Broadhurst in the TV series "McCloud" and as Colonel Tigh in "Battlestar Galactica."
Everyone work for the Queen Pam, wrapped in her clothes, cool and again accompanied by a great soundtrack, composed in this case by Willie Hutch, singer, author, producer of Motown Records, which in addition to have written some songs for "Jackson 5", Smokey Robinson and Marvin Gaye, he also made some soundtrack for the blaxploitation movies.
Foxy Brown is the sister of Link (Antonio Fargas), a boy caught up in a bad drug circle. Foxy is also engaged with Michael (Terry Carter) a former undercover cop who, after a mission was redone face (most say the nose) to make him unrecognizable. But he is recognized by Link and delivered to the bad guys, Michael is killed, sparking the desire for revenge of Foxy. She pretends to be a prostitute to join the gang, discovered, tortured, she manages to escape and to complete her mission due to her anger, her intelligence and even with the help of a group of brothers (very similar to the "Black Panthers").

A beautiful twist of events shot by a Jack Hill (in about twenty days) able to give a sense of the action and above all capable of describing as never before, the bad guys.
Hard to choose between this film and its predecessor, a choice that does not seem to embarrass the director that in the DVD, says he prefers "Coffy" and to have worked here with a small budget that the "AIP" did not want to touch up ($ 500,000) and with very little time available. But above all, Hill says he does not particularly love all the changes of clothes of Pam, although on balance they have had a significant role in the success of the film.
A nice movie that runs off smoothly without weak moments, which influenced a fairly wide range of other films, including, of course "Jackie Brown" by Tarantino, but also the name of an American rapper and a Jamaican singer, not to mention Pam Grier's autobiography entitled "Foxy: My Life in Three Acts."


Fact Sheet

Original Title: Foxy Brown

Alternative Titles: Escape sangriento (Colombia, Peru), Foxy Brown, the Mavri tigris (Greece), Uma Mulher and ... Peras! (Portugal), Burn, Coffy, Burn! (United States, working title), Foksi Braun (Serbia)

Year: 1974

Directed by: Jack Hill

Cast: Pam Grier, Terry Carter, Antonio Fargas, Sid Haig, Peter Brown, Kathryn Loder, Harry Holcombe, Juanita Brown

Duration: 94 '

Production Company: American International Pictures