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There is a "good" beginning here, no doubt about it. We see suddenly a dog who is having sex with a woman. Apart from the fact that the dog is bred, then as they say, we have to ask whether it's a position, that is not the classic one, technically possible. We need to talk about cinema or perversions? Cinema is true, but in this case the seventh art mixes with kinks and schizophrenia. The beginning is strong, even Thirty sever years later, and brings us into a story that is not as powerful.
Maybe it's for the years, maybe it's for the way of
making films, either for the intentions of the director Peter Skerl but the whole thing becomes a slow and obsessive intellectual game, full of words and a little pathos.

Skerl, here is the greater curiosity. According to "Imdb", which credits him as a director with George Eastman, it would be the name of Virgilio Mattei, while in the magazine  "Nocturno" of 2009 and other sources, report with certainty that Peter Skerl was a Dutch filmmaker, really existed.
What sets all agree is that George Eastman wrote the screenplay with the director, played by an interesting cast. Franca Stoppi in a small part, Enrico Maria Salerno in a secondary role, Philippe March co-star (never in part), Juliette Mayniel other co-star and mother of Alessandro Gassman and especially Leonora Fani and Ilona Staller. The famous porn star is almost an extra who goes around half naked and without saying a word. But she finds his way here and not disturb the viewer. Leonora Fani instead is the psychotic protagonist Jeanine. Mistress of the dog star of the firs scene, is heavily Shocked when she saw her mother with her pet.

We are on an island and years later the girl intertwines her life with that of a rich  couple: Paul and Yvette who arrived there to work. Between parties of a bored jet-set and sexually eager, husband and wife establish an unhealthy relationship with the girl who lives in the company of the wild dog Satan and is protected by a fisherman played by Enrico Maria Salerno.
Too much psychological aspects an many a thesis on life.  Watching it makes us think that Skerl has a goal even moralizing, a step away from the religious. A wasted opportunity because the conditions were good and Leonora Fani is very good, going around wild and elusive in the beautiful island.

Fact Sheet

Original title: Bestiality

Alternative Titles: The sign beneath the skin, Beestigheden, Bestialité (Belgium), Bestialidad (Spain), Dog Lay Afternoon (English title), Bestiality, Dog Lay Afternoon (Original Title)

Directed by: Peter Skerl

Country: Italy

Cast: Leonora Fani, Philippe March, Juliette Mayniel, Enrico Maria Salerno, Franca Stoppi, Ilona Staller

Duration: 75 '

Production House: I.P.R.A., Valenti