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We are facing with the movie with the most absurd death scene of the cinema. We don’t reveal it, we don’t want to ruin the surprise, but trust us.
"Provocazione" (provocation in English) is also a movie that already has in the title his explanation. It 'a provocation to call it a movie and it’s a provocation for the audience, that only after five minutes see a “free” naked scene.
Probably it’s not necessary to point out that acting is something incredible and the direction does not go much beyond that.
But if we want to find a sense of this "b movie" we must mention one of the protagonists: Moana Pozzi. The great and beautiful Moana. Here, however, although she was in the peak of her career is involved in a height of "soft-core" movie with two other “starlet” of the team “Diva Futura”, the most successful porn/sexy agency, , Petra Scharbach (with incredible teeth) and Hula.
Even more than the story, which would be an erotic thriller, what is surprising is the presence of Piero Vivarelli and Marino Maseè. The first who here sign the direction, has been a director very active, rose from music movie, erotic thriller films and a documentary about the death of Berlinguer, and also he was lyricist of two very well-know song performed by the famous Italian singer Adriano Celentano, the producer of his first “musicherello” and co-writer of the legendary "Django" by Corbucci.
Marino Masè however, doesn’t need great presentations, having starred in all kind of movie, from "Hollywood" to important Italian films and a few genre films. So everyone in this film that tells the story of Vanessa (Moana) stepmother of Kiki and Vivi (Scharbach and Hula), who after the death of her husband takes care of the girls, with whoms he lives on a quite desert island. For their education she hires a professor (Masè) ex lover. The two step-daughters are very jealous and do everything to fall the man into temptation. Meanwhile he and Vanessa remembers the good old days. A couple of absurd murders and nonsense moments give to us an (un)forgettable movie.
Returning to the protagonists and avoid to talk about Moana Pozzi worldwide famous pornstar and actress, we find Petra Scharbach who was at the time a real star. Petra born in Germany but raised in Parma, and as the site “Mymovies” report while shooting this film she had an affair with the son of Vivarelli, was a "sexy star". She was famous for her sing and stripping performances, for several sets and also for gossip with numerous celebrities such as the professor and politician Vittorio Sgarbi, the singer Zucchero Fornaciari and footballer Faustino Asprilla. Far from the show business since many years, Petra now is a painter and in her official site and blog she shows a remarkable fitness body (thanks also to surgery) and declares that the gossip above were not all true (only one).
Hula instead was a real meteor. Stage name of Ursula Davis, as a blog dedicated to her reported she is the granddaughter of Bette. She worked for the agency "Diva Futura" of Schicchi and then she soon disappear, artistically speaking.

Scheda Tecnica

Titolo Originale: Provocazione

Titoli Alternativi: Provocación (Spagna TV), Moana - Ikili taciz (Turchia), Summer Temptations (USA), Erotic Games (Germania)

Anno: 1988

Regia: Pietro Vivarelli

Nazione: Italia

Cast: Moana Pozzi, Hula, Petra Scharbach, Marino Masè

Casa di Produzione: Cometa Film

Durata: 83'