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Nove Ospiti Per Un Delitto

Here the discussion theme is about  the worst film version of "And Then There Were None" by Agatha Christie.
There are many solutions as you know, but we recommend to take in great consideration this 1977's movie by Fernando Baldi. Probably it's the winner. For us for sure.
"Nove Ospiti Per Un Delitto" is a misguided attempt to transform the famous story in an erotic version, adding a shade of "5 Bambole Per La Luna D'Agosto". But it looks as a really bad soap opera, than anything else.
A movie that makes love affairs and an almost continuous change of bed the core of the story.
Added to this must be said that no one believes in this movie, also the director who manage a cast largely ineffective and waste so-called moments of suspense with rather predictable situations and with a poor direction.
A really boring movie, for all is ninety minutes and that does't miss all those special effects, of murder victims, that  we would never see.
As usual a rich man invites a number of people, nine of course, on an island. A place where no one can escape, and where no one can arrive. There the guests have sex, discover lies and begin to die. It seems to be a reprisal for a murder of many years ago.
In processing entitled "La Morte Viene Dal Passato" and written by Fabio Pittorru, screenwriter, writer and journalist, the Baldi's movie has a cast potentially good. Arthur Kennedy, nominated four times for an Oscar for "Best Supporting Actor" and once as "Best Actor", John Richardson seen in several Italian thriller, the great Venatino Venatini, the singer and actress Dana Ghia, Massimo Foschi and Sofia Dionisio younger sister and lesser-known of Silvia and the cinematography of a young Sergio Rubini.