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Bordel SS

Nazis are winning the war, they almost conquered Russia. No, no, the nazis are retreating and Allies are winning. But who cares! We want to fuck!

This is "Bordel SS" in two rows and believe us, we have not exaggerate. José Benazeraf French director known for his borderline films (and for his own production) realize in 1978 a Nazisploitation wasting an original idea for the genre. The concept is not bad, because we are in occupied Paris, in which the girls of brothel have sex with the Nazis and then they communicate information (military course) to the resistance.

Unfortunately, everything remains trapped in the brothel, with strange performance and sloppy dialogues that lead nowhere. Benazeraf remains for long on the details of male and female body parts as the worst porn movie.

The action and the dramatic crescendo are concentrated in the last few minutes of the movie, with the tortures inflicted by the Nazis to one of the girls who has been discovered. Later, much later, to save the film.

The star here is Brigitte Lahaie  that here we have already seen for "The Executrice" and "Sechs Schwedinnen im Pensionat" and that we will see for our and your joy in so many other films.