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Desiderando Giulia

Apart from that everyone once in the lifetime desired the actress who plays Giulia, here the only one desire is to never see this film.

Andrea Barzini director of fiction, but also to " Italia-Germania 4-3" "Volevamo essere gli U2"  and the terrible "Passo A Due" directed at thirty-three years old his second movie inspired by the famous italian writer Italo Svevo. "Senelità" is the name of the Svevo's story that here is trivialized and full of soft-core scene and poor 
psychology facts.

"Desiderando Giulia" is an erotic drama decidedly boring, that arouses interest only for the first twenty minutes, the minutes in which you can figure what a kind of movie you are watching. Then you understand that you are in a that, story acted badly. All the characters seem wrote quickly and are flat. We know very well that flat is not the protagonist Serena Grandi, Juno stars of the eighties on which "Desiderando Giulia" clings . She acts badly as ever and as usual is used in all her erotic power, which, as you know, is great. Naked, touched, used as an object and as a strong woman, she gives the idea of the character but she doesn't know how to make it believable. At his side, however, we find an interesting cast, which in additionto  give a part to Massimo Sarchielli and Giuliana Calandra, has Valeria D'Obici a very young Sergio Rubini in his first year as an actor and especially to Johan Leysen seen in many movies.

"Desiderando Giulia" is a story that tells of a life not much lived, of an existence unsatisfactory that sends Emilio in crisis. He, failed writer, works for a publishing house as a proof-reader and lives with his sister Amalia with whom he has a strange relationship. One day she sees Giulia in a theater, falls in love, he dreams her, and she becomes his obsession and begins a relationship very erotic, with her. Meanwhile Emilio works with the young writer Stefano, who began attending Amalia.

The problem here is the too morbid relationship with Emilio and Giulia. She is independent woman, who drove crazy crazy the  man who loves her. The absurdity of the whole film is then a dramatic turn that makes no sense and that goes fast and undetected.

Fact Sheet

Original Title : Wishing Giulia

Alternative Titles : Kiihkeä Juliani (France) , I zoi tis idiotiki Julia (Greece) , Paixões Duma Mulher Fatal (Portugal) , Julia (Germany) , Desiring Julia ( International )

Year: 1985

Country: Italy

Directed by: Andrea Barzini

Starring: Serena Grandi, Johan Leysen Maximum Sarchielli , Giuliana Calandra, Valeria D'Obici , Sergio Rubini
Running Time: 104 '

Production Company: Dania Film , Filmes Film Festival , National Film