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Invasion Of The Saucer Men

SEE teenagers vs. the saucer men!

An alcoholic bull,  who is also the hero, and the 
alcool used as a weapon of mass destruction, are two things that make this movie a great "B Movie. Must be added the some stupid policemen, the army who follows its investigations far from the others and the teenagers who imperturbably, continue to have fun.
So in the highest period of evil aliens, more or less credible, who want to conquer the Earth, we find those of Edward Cahn which are always bad, but they are funny too.
"Invasion Of The Saucer Men" is a different sci-fi, because here the fiction is mixed with irony and the gags are accompanied by a few moments of terror. A variation on the theme taken along the way, starting from a story by Paul Fairman entitled " The Cosmic Frame", with the teenagers as protagonists, an happy intuition already had with " I Was Teenage Werewolf " , which has revolutionized the cinema and realizing after a lot of work, that the story would not make sense if it wasn't a bit funny. So after several additions, the film changes keeping the ugly and evil monsters cleverly created by Paul Blaisdsell.
Blaisdell is a name that today doesn't say too much to the mass public, but in the fifties he was a great film artist, an all-rounder capable of designing sets, woodworking (see the spaceship in this film) , sculpt and create monsters. Aided by his wife Jackie, Blaisdell has worked in many
"Drive-In" productions with the American International Pictures and as well, could not be otherwise, with the genius of Roger Corman, in " Not of This Earth " and especially in " Day the World Ended "," It Conquered the World " his most successful works in conjunction with "The She Creature " of Cahn. If it seem strange that we talk so much about special effects, crafty among other things, you must know that the monsters from the big head of this movie are wonderful and are the plus (with the bull) of this movie.

A film which also has spicy jokes, with clear references to sex and talk about alcool and girl and boys who went in the classic "Lover 's Point " a place historically required for all U.S. towns,

Edward Cahn, who after directing for some years the series "Our Gang" for MGM and then turned in the "B Movies" , directs a film that has a nice rhythm and a story more than decent .
Of course, more than an "invasion" is a little trip of three/four aliens but no matter, the title is good, as the advertising campaign of the AIP, all focusing on a young audience and proposing it in "double bill" with "
I Was Teenage Werewolf".
The plot focuses on a wide range of characters who come into contact with this alien form. We find Artie (who is also the narrator) and his friend Joe, played by Frank Gorshin, famous for the role of Riddler in the Batman series and in the movie too and for a part in an episode of "Star Trek"  two business men arriving in the small town of Hicksburg. We have a group of boys outside a cafe saying that they saw something fly and especially there are Johnny and his girlfriend Joan who go to the "Lover 's Point" , a field of a farm, owned by the grumpy Larkin, where graze the bull Walt, who drink beer from cans that the teens leave on the ground.
Johnny and Joan hit something on the way back. An alien. Scared of this (whose hand puncture the tires of the car) run away looking for help. On the spot come by chance also Joe who decides to take the corpse of the alien and take it home. When the couple return, instead of the monster with a big head, they found the lifeless body of Joe.

Accused of murder by the police, Johnny and Joan had to work hard to prove their innocence and also to destroy the aliens. The invader among other things, are killed in a very bizarre way, as much as that them use to kill humans. Let's not forget that Walt was the only one who manages to physically harm an alien, struggling with it, in the top scene of the entire film scene .
We just have to raise our glasses and drink a toast in honor of this great "B Movie" !

Fact Sheet

Original title: The Invasion Of The Saucer Men

Alternative Titles : The invasión de los hombres of espacio (Spain) , Invasion of the Hell Creatures ( UK) , Invaders from another world ( Italy ) , Krypande handen (Sweden) , Hell Creatures ( Working Title ) , Invasion of the Saucer - Men ( USA)

Year: 1957

Country: USA

Directed by Edward Cahn

Cast: Steven Terrell , Gloria Castillo, Frank Gorshin , Raymond Hatton , Lyn Osborn , Russ Bender

Duration : 66 '

Production: American International Pictures