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Emanuelle Bianca e Nera

" The snake has bitten me more than two hours ago, for science is normal that I'm alive? "
" Frankly, I have to admit that it is almost a miracle "
" Oh yeah? Okay! If you believe in miracles , let me believe for once that in heaven , there are also angels with black skin "

This is not exactly a spin-off and to be honest its not exactly a movie, isn't worthy of having that name.
"Emanuelle Black and White" of 1976 clearly trying to rake audience with the name of the famous heroine and so far nothing bad, considering the numerous attempts , the bad thing is instead a story of an incredible arrogance and several intellectuals

Unlike the genre we aren't in the contemporary years but in the period of slavery in North America. So far from modern times, you end up in a story that gives us lessons about equality . Don't misunderstand us, we agree with the concept but this film exaggerates, the teaching that is worthy of a long-winded preacher.

It only remains to distract from this mortal boredom, looking at the beauty of Malisa Longo, the star of the film, the only one who can boast of having done something in the cinema and as it may seem sexist to say is just that: she is the ' only reason to watch this movie.

The beautiful venetian actress is
Emanuelle "white" , daughter of a rich landowner, betrothed to Lawrence, another rich guy. Things seem to be going well between the two, but one day Lawrence is bitten by a snake and successfully treated by the black slave of the house of Emanuelle .
Even her name is Emanuelle, Emanuelle the "black" , that makes fall in love Lawrence. The white became very angry and seeks in every way to destroy the couple.

A slow direction and a story very predictable, are the ingredients that director Mario Pinzauti puts in this story and we must say that the director's life is much more interesting than his film.
He is roman  and was born in 1930 , writer, ends up in the world of cinema for "food" reasons, as reported this biography. Pinzauti has written about a hundred books including horror, crime, and espionage thriller , a "Pulp" writer, to define it in an intellectual way, who often had to bend to the commercial logic rewriting stories already finished and  using emglish pseudonyms. In the world of cinema instead he wrote some script and directed a few movies. After the career has become ballistics expert of the court of Rome and shooting master.

Fact Sheet

Original title: Emanuelle Black and White

Alternative Titles : Passion Plantation (Canada) , Black Emmanuelle White Emmanuelle (Australia) , Emmanuelle negra y blanca (Spain) , Lefki kai Mavri Emmanouella (Greece) , Die Zuchtfarm der Sklaven , Emmanuelle - Die Schöne der Nacht (Germany)

Year: 1976

Directed by: Mario Pinzauti

Cast: Malisa Longo , Antonio Gismondo , Rita Manna , Percy Hogan, Serafino Profumo, Attilio Dottesio , Achilles Antonaglia

Production Company: European Society Films International Film Festival ( SEFI )