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 "The film begins with a man who is dragged through the mud, dragging a coffin"

" great beginning ! "

" Yes, yes"

"And then? "

"And then... I don't know... it's up to you, I don't have ideas"


(Dialogue between Piero Vivarelli and Sergio Corbucci , reported in an interview with Vivarelli for TG1)

A man, a coffin. And the rest who knows. Sergio Corbucci and Piero Vivarelli leave with that for a cinematic journey that leads them to simply a masterpiece, a milestone, of "spaghetti western" . About "Django " was said and we can tell everything and are right even the detractors who point out the excessive fame of a film which when analyzed in each part has its good defects : a story not very original, the characters non so deep and a icy acting . In our opinion, however, a film should be seen in its whole, and in this case, all the elements, skinny (or poor ) as they are, they work well together, creating a great movie.

The universal fame of this work of 1966, saves us lines about the fact is one of the " cult" of Tarantino, (thing also know by the tombstones of the cemetery of Tombstone ), which has generated countless imitators, a non good sequel and also a tribute by Takashi Miike , the great Japanese director , which in 2007 directed "Sukiyaki Western Django ."
Django by renowned jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt, appears with the famous and the aforementioned scene, a brilliant winning idea, which opens a violent story (one of the bloodiest of the genre at the time) with several reversals in the face. Corbucci is very good telling it, alternating between slow to fast times, with evocative shots (see the brawl in the saloon). In contrast to the icon of the genre would like, Corbucci radically change the image of dusty , sunny place, that the western has always used, replacing it with a bruised and muddy places that adds charm but also the anxiety to the history.
In this place, then it takes the characters undoubtedly classics, all crooks, able to betray and kill, a violent world, with murders  ( the body count to some sources would amount to 138) , whipping, broken hands and above a cut ear , then honored by those who well know .
The main character who is played by Franco Nero , who gain a worldwide fame, goes aroud cool, enigmatic, seeking revenge for the murder of his wife.
His enemy as well as guilty of the murder is called Jackson, head of a group of racists , then killed by the good Django with the powerful content of the coffin. But his thirst for revenge is certainly not satisfied and our hero convinces the General Rodriguez who leads a Mexican irregular army to attack the fort of Jackson, where the gold is hidden . Following the mission accomplished the mexican refuses to give to Django what has been agreed and is unleashed another revenge, leading to the tragic and heroic  ending . Cold as we want, bad at the right point , the protagonist is a man with many feelings, and  saves a prostitute from the dead and that all he has for his plan.
Sergio Corbucci a sort of " anti" Leone, scored therefore a crafted movie that changes the rules of the game and which immediately met great commercial success and critical acclaim.
To his ideas to those of his brother Bruno with whom he wrote the story, the writers Piero Vivarelli, Franco Rossetti and apparently little ' Fernando Di Leo, are also added to the excellent music by Luis Bacalov that makes a perfect soundtrack, whose central theme , sung among others by Rocky Roberts is one of the most famous of genre cinema .
The merit of this cornerstone of genre cinema is also of Ruggero Deodato, who shot some sequences in Spain and brings his cinema visions.


Fact Sheet

Original title: Django

Alternative Titles : Django - vestens hævner (Denmark) , Django - hämnaren , Django - kostaja , Nimeni on Django (Finland) , Django , or tromokratis tou - Step Doble , Gefsi ekdikisi apo (Greece) , Django - Hevneren (Norway) , Cango 'nun Intikami (Turkey) , Jango (USA)
Year : 1966
Directed by: Sergio Corbucci
Cast: Franco Nero , José Bódalo , Loredana Nusciak , Angel Alvarez , Gino Pernice, Simon Arriaga , John Scratuglia
Country: Italy , Spain
Production House : B.R.C. production