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Camp Cuddly Pines Powertool Massacre

"you'll be scared shirtless"

We've all seen "Scary Movie", an excellent parody of horror movies and also we have also seen poor things as " Shriek..." unfortunately less people have seen this "Camp Cuddly Pines Powertool Massacre" . Oh , we're not here to talk about injustice, because the reason for which this parody of horror films is less known to the big audience is that it's a parody, but also an adult movie. And so nothing prime time and nothing multiplex.
It should, however, make an effort and watch this movie that with two or three simple ideas becomes a parody better than many mainstream movies. Ok, ok, as males always hungry, it's simple to do this effort and beyond the flapping bodies, we must said that this movie is not bad at all.

"Scary Movie" is the example that the expert director Jonathan Morgan follows  creating comic moments and as mentioned putting sex scenes.

The beginning is the same as "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" with five persons (three men and two women) traveling on a bus to get to a concert. Beyond some distraction too (...) they hit something or someone on the road. We don't reveal anything if we tell to you that is the monster, like "Friday 13" , less structured but more comical. The slaughter and following arrival of the police are always as genre wants as scenes that Morgan puts among the murders.

"Camp Cuddly Pines Powertool Massacre" goes down in history for some truly comical scenes, such as the Indian spirit that appears in the woods and especially for the parody of " The Ring" with a ghost coming out of the pit with the unbridled desire to have sex. Even the humor of the final scenes are good and by the way give a twist undoubtedly well done for the genre. What is certain is that the special effects are minimal and the blood flowing is not credible but the choice of hide the massacres moments work and we could say that seem like a stylistic choice .
The film released in 2005 has received good reviews from websites and magazines not only for adults but also by important journalists.
A curiosity is that the film has shared, and used, Louisiana's set of the slasher " Hatchet " which was shot at night, leaving the other hours to this film.

Fact Sheet

Original title: Camp Cuddly Pines Powertool Massacre

Year : 2005

Country: USA

Directed by: Jonathan Morgan

Cast: Stormy Daniels , Jessica Drake , Eric Masterson, Voodoo , Tommy Gunn , Randy Spears

Running Time: 151 '

Production Company: Wicked Pictures