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La Novizia

The first minutes of this film seem part of a tough and beautiful noir. Those on "mala" family, those on the legacy of power, the old patriarch, and the young scion. Heritage buildet on the honor and the glory.

Minutes after minutes we see that a there is a Glory, or better a Gloria in italian, but it's with capital G and there is also a title (novice in english) that makes think of one thing: the classic upsets, sufferings full of eros, of which Gloria Guida is the heroine.

So it turns out that   "La Novizia" s not a noir, but an erotic comedy that trusts, in addition to the blonde Gloria, another one: Femi Benussi.

With a great couple is reasonable to think about a great success or an interesting film, at least in a nasty movie, but the two end up chopped into a presumtious movie  that has a incredible end that breaks down it completely.

Giuliano Biagetti, here signing as Pier Giorgio Ferretti, was one of those artisans of Italian cinema, now forgotten, who have ridden disparate genres and experiences. Born in Liguria, but with Tuscany origin, Biagetti goes from drama to comedy, from TV Spot to decamerotic (with  Decameroticus" ) and arrive 1975 with this film. An attempt to mix an elegant eros with comedy, crashing, as well as because of what we said a few lines before, even for the acting of the actors, even in the midst taken in situations (poor) "Vitelloni".

The cast is not bad at all, we don'trefer only to the two female protagonists , but also to the presence of Lionel Stander, an cinema emigrant, who played very well in "Milano Calibro 9" and that excites us in other films, he has  more than ever the "mask" of gangster, but here is trivialized by satyr features.
Gino Milli, however, well-known face of genre cinema of the seventies is the young grandson Vittorio, who returns after a long time in Sicily to see the old grandfatherwho is dying. Don Nini (Stander) is assisted in the last days of life, by a young nun, played by Gloria Guida. Between young adventures and others
Vittorio slowly falls in love with the nun, who is very doubtful about her vocation. In addition to these three characters and shoulder as well as friends of Vittorio, we find Femi Benussi in a role of a woman dissatisfied and very attracted to the young.

Slow, dark, with a flat direction, banal jokes and full of improbable situations "La Novizia" is a movie that is thrown far away, not even that much enhances the beauty of the two actresses but in its defense seems to want to pay for its errors with an incredible ending.

Fact Sheet

Original title: The Novice

Alternative Titles : Enfermera de noche (Spain) , The novice if dévoile (France ), A Novica eo Amor (Portugal) , Verführung einer Nonne (Germany)

Directed by: Giuliano Biagetti

Year: 1975

Country: Italy

Cast: Gloria Guida , Lionel Stander , Gino Milli , Femi Benussi , Flower Altoviti

Duration : 95 '

Production House : Bi- Pa