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Chain reaction



"Bloodbath", " Ecology of a Crime " and " Chain Reaction " are just some of the titles used for this film by Mario Bava of 1971, a movie that challenge to the record of film with the highest number of names.

Always against to the numerous titles (and versions) or to those too easy, this time we have to think about it and we have to thank the three mentioned in the opening, because they explain a movie too complicated, so complicated, that the second vision doesn't dissolve all doubts.

The human being in his wickedness, in his mistakes, triggering a chain reaction of ferocious murders, in an ecology of the crime that the free world (a small part) of unscrupulous people . Here, as the three above titles explain to us, in our opinion, one of the greatest masterpieces of the great Mario Bava, a story where all are evil, children too!
A masterpiece , despite a plot that is too elaborate and an ending that many dislikee but that we think it works, bringing an extra touch of black humor and surreal auro, already present in all the work.

Aesthetics is thebetter thing of this violent movie, so violent that for some Christopher Lee would have left disgusted watching it, and so violent that it is one of the favorite films of  Dario Argento (as well as many other directors ) that he receives  from a 
projectionist friend a copy of a film, shortly before the release in theaters. Copy that he still retains.

Where is the border between truth and  legend is difficult to say, but it is normal that a legendary movie, who have
an important part inthe history of cinema arise stories. A movie famous, for its innovations, for its beauty and for having pioneered the slasher and of course more than inspired (we can say that copy a lot) "Friday The 13th " .

Mario Bava put no limits to ideas, but seems he has some in the budget, placing the story, simply, in a bay and working well as alwayswith the things available. He works also for the photography, for the story and screenplay, written in collaboration with several authors, including (especially) a quite rookie Dardano Sacchetti who worked little time before to "Cat o 'nine tails ." There is no doubt that he knew how to choose well his partners, as already seen in other works, because in addition to the well-known writer there are the great Stelvio Cipriani to the music and an equally valuable Carlo Rambaldi, which with his special effects creates the plus of film.

The rest is in the hands of a Bava more than inspired, which follows, with zoom and subjective, the crimes that are the core of "Chain Reactio " . A  though movie with many squirts of blood, that horrified (but doesn't reach for us the levels of Lee) and that hits the mark.

What transforms people in the worst being in the universe? Easy, money, inheritance. Issues that trigger the chain reaction, which is triggered by the murder of the Countess Francesca Donati a paraplegic  woman. A domino effect knocks or almost anyone enters the story, in a blaze of evil.

To find fault with in this movie, we can say that acting it's not the best thing. Not bad, but could be better.

Miss France 1958 Claudine Auger which reached great success with the participation in the James Bond's film " Thunderball " and different works in Italian films, plays Renata Donati, daughter of the rich countess. The great Luigi Pistilli instead, here is Alberto husband of Renata one of the main characters of a cast that comes complete with Isa Miranda , Chris Avram and the very young Renato Cestiè and Nicoletta Elmi, destined to play different movies thriller and horror hit in the seventies and share a classromm in a very popular sit-com of the 80's


Fact Sheet

Original Title : Chain Reaction

Alternative Titles : Bahía de Sangre (Argentina) A Mansão da Morte de Banho Blood, O Sexo na His Violent Corn Shape (Brazil) , Den blodige Bugt (Denmark) , Bahía de sangre (Spain) , La baie sanglante (France) , A Bay of Blood , Blood Bath Bloodbath , Bloodbath Bay of Death ( UK) , Kravgi tromou , O krikos ton eglimaton , Sfagi 'm akrogiali tis Idonis , To spiti me ta alysidota eglimata (Greece ), A vér Oble (Hungary) , Chain Reaction , and so learn to make the bad guys, Ecology of the crime ( Italy ) , Chimidoro no irie (Japan) , Krwawy Oboz (Poland) , Lancana reakcija (Serbia) , Kanli Körfez (Turkey ), A Bay of Blood , Bay of Blood , The Antecedent , The Last House on the Left , Part II , Twitch of the Death Nerve , Twitch of the Death Nerve (USA) , Blutrausch des Teufels , Im Blutrausch des Satans (Germany ), A Bay of Blood , Ecology of a Crime ( international )

Year : 1971

Country: Italy

Directed by: Mario Bava

Cast: Claudine Auger, Luigi Pistilli , Claudio Camaso , Anna Maria Rosati Chris Avram Leopoldo Trieste , Isa Miranda , Renato Cestiè , Nicoletta Elmi, Laura Betti

Duration : 84 '

Production Company: New Line Film