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The Russian revolution was coming, were years of turmoil, of great changing. At the same time (in 1914 ) we know, thanks to this film that more quietly and much better accompanied, the scientist Boris led with a way quite professional, an interesting experiment. A study that could have discovered an energy better and harmless than nuclear power. With a funny and noisy machine, he aimed to capture the energy unleashed by the sexual urges of three young and beautiful girls, Lyuba, Varvara and Olya who were used as guinea pigs. Don't immediately think bad, because here it's science and to the three were forbidden to reach orgasm and Boris and his friend the revolutionary Yakov was forbidden, even self-imposed, to have sex with girls. At least for half of the movie!
A central theme, curious, interesting, for this russian erotic comedy of 1997. It's a good work, well done, thanks to a good cinematography, great sets, and great costumes that slip off easily from the bodies (of the excellent) interpreters.
The beginning is crackling , full of funny gags, an eros refined with a story that then conquest attention. For at least half of the it's a pleasure movie, then something happens, even better, it does not happen nothing, because " Bomba" stands stll, without an important crescendo (apart from the fact that the scientific dogma is replaced by carnal pleasure) that lead to a ending definitely not too surprising.
Dmitry Meskhiev had a good chance in his hands, but he doesn't exploit it, despite having well thought about everything, including cast, which has  Viktor Bychov and Aleksandr Polovtsev the most famous names.
However, such experiments are welcome!