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 Bacchanales sexuelles

  "They're naked ... they ' re screwed ... get used to it ! "

It's a rule, when Michel Gentil " take possession" of the body and the mind of Jean Rollin, the art and the visions of the French director, leave room for things a lot easier.
A easy plot easy, tons of tits, a flat direction and a poor acting . Yes, even for "Bacchanales sexuelles" the excuse is the same as "Jeunes Filles Impudiques ": Jean Rollin was chasing the money.

"Bacchanales sexuelles" is the long version, distributed by Synapse in 2002 and built by Lionel Wallman, executive producer already at the time of "Tout le monde en a deux" of 1974. Movies that gives a commercial success to the French director, but he in an interview for "Video Watchdog" in 1996 claims not to be too tied up and refuses, in the same period, to do the introduction for the VHS version by "Vsom" Ok, he will do worse with one of his more famous work, but this distance is understandable and perhaps it is also visible in the way he direct this movie (some scenes are set in  his house).

"Bacchanales sexuelles" is a erotic movie vaguely, horror, full of contradictions and narrative shortcuts, placed to move the story along. It can be noted in part for the sets in the house of the director (a gift for avid fans) for the presence of Joelle Coeur, in his penultimate work with the director, (perhaps last shot but "Les Demoniaques " was released several months later) and for the debut of Annie Belle, an actress who we know very well.

The story is about Valerie (Joelle Coeur) who goes to live for six months at the home of her cousin who is left for the United States. The cousin is a journalist  that unmasks secret sects. One of these groups tfind her home address, stormed into the house and kidnaps Sophie, a very intimate friend of Valerie . Of course the beautiful Valerie tried with the help of a friend of Sophie to free the girl and those of the sect are always looking for incriminating photos that are in the house of the journalist and above are ready for a new meeting.

What is their ideology, it's not clear. They aren't Satanists, perhaps a little' Masons but it is clear that they want to make a lot of sex (given the circumstances, it was obvious) and are lead by a certain Malvina, a bisexual sadomasochism .

The story is simply absurd and manifests itself for what it is already in the first few minutes, when Valerie is alone at home and being afraid invites her friend Sophie. And they have sex. Not only that, Sophie hears noises at night, Valerie is in a sort of alcohol com and then calls a dear friend, who, however, comes home and finds only Valerie . 
And they have sex.
We might also add that a adept of the sect sent home to search  the photos ends up in bed with both Valerie and with the friend above but also that Sophie imprisoned and chained after all passes great moments. There would still be many more to say about this poor but harmless movie.

We see also the long version, which as writes the monographic blog "Fascination: The Jean Rollin Experience" (from which we took some news) is perhaps worse than the original , which has the same story, but if nothing else is shorter.

Fact Sheet

Original title: Tout le monde en the a deux

Alternative Titles : Bacchanales sexuelles (Alternative) , Parthenika paihnidia (Greece) , Slaves of pleasure ( Italy ) , Fly Me the French Way ( USA)

Year : 1974

Country: France

Directed by: Jean Rollin

Cast: Joelle Coeur , Marie -France Morel , Brigitte Borghese , Annie Belle, Jean -Paul Hazy , Agnès Lemercier , Catherine Castel , Marie- Pierre Castel

Running Time: 106 '

Production House : Nordia Films , CTI