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 Barbarian Queen


"No man can touch her naked steel"

We would like to study history like this, with this kind of characters. It would be a pleasure to study the adventures of beautiful barbarian women , perfectly fit, depilated, wrapped in more than skimpy clothes , that bad guys try to rip or alternatively arrange poor gladiatorial matches . Everyone has their own goals in life (and this is not at all bad).

Yes, the history as one would like it to be, in a US/Argetina's movie directed by Argentine Hector de Olivera who in his career has worked in serious and less serious movies and also with the great Roger Corman.

We can see however his great skill  beacuse " The Barbarian Queen " which follows the path of  "Deathstalker " and especially of "Conan" , has on the one hand  many absurd elements , but on the other also has a history that works and sometimes, good moments of cinema. A more than worthy exemplar of genre films, with a working plot, that makes some laughs and that showc a series of beautiful actresses . The statuesque Lana Clarkson is the queen. She was an actress famous for starrin in many sitcoms and TV series such as " Three's Company ", " The Jeffersons " and " Riptide " then she turned in the cinema with small roles in big films and with a role in "Amazon Women of the Moon" the comedy by Joe Dante and John Landis . Unfortunately, she is also famous for her dramatic death in 2003 at the home of author and producer Phil Spector convicted the of murder. She plays Amethea, who lead three brave barbarian whose village was destroyed , the day of her wedding. Destroyed and burned to be precise, by a group that  many reviews define made up by Romans, but to us who seem other barbarians , that kidnap all men including the fiancé of the queen.

So she and two other companions leave for a mission of freedom and revenge, in which they fighting with anyone who gets in front of them. The apex is touched in the scene in which Amethea is bound (in topless of course) and threatened by a bizarre man that torture her with an iron hand that hangs from the ceiling. The "girl power" is obviously an unstoppable force in this film and is much stronger than the muscles of the fiancé of the queen, which seems quite stupid and is called Arganed played by Frank Zagarino known in the world of American "b's " of the time .

The hand of the good Corman and the direction by Olivera  create a "trash cult" very cute, which generates among other things, a sequel or rather a spin-off : " Barbarian Queen II : The Empress Strikes Back " in 1990 . And the clothes continue to rip with pleasure. What a beautiful thing is the history!