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Mutande Pazze

Roberto D'Agostino is one of those person that people love or hate. One thing, however, puts in agreement everyboby: D'Agostino is a bad director. Fortunately for us, however, the boss of the site "Dagospia" direct only a movie:  this "Mutande Pazze" in 1992.

It must be said that the idea of this movie, it's not bad at all. This is, or should be, a corrosive satire on the show-biz. The hypocrisy, careerism, corruption, compromises and all the negative things that come to mind are, or better would be ridiculed.
Unfortunately, trying to putting these things much as possibile,  the movie falls into his own trap becoming a long
kitsch carousel. D'Agostino then is certainly not a director as we seen in every scene, the script is boring and the actors don't went beyond the interpretation as poor fiction.
Instead is undeniable the beauty of two of the main characters, Eva Grimaldi and Deborah Cali. The first beautiful as always is used in all her sensuality and the second a meteor of Italian erotic cinema, is the stupid curvy beauty. 
To give an artistic touch there are Minica Guerritoreand Marisa Merlini, but in this trashy soup they fall too, thanks also to the poor cameos by Sergio Vastano and Aldo Busi.
The story is about three women who want to have success into show-biz. Amalia (Monica Guerritore ) is a anchor woman of a simple morning TV show that wants the prime time, seducing a politician and then the director of the TV broadcasting. Stefania (Eva Grimaldi) is a northern girl who moves to Rome to try to break into the world of show business, using her beauties, but is deafeat by a friend apparently  very honest.
Alessia (Debora Cali) is a simple TV assistant that is strongly pushed into the world ofthe show-biz by her  family, who wants her success in every way
The three stories converge in a final brawl.
The only thing of note, if you like the actor, is the presence of a very young Raoul Bova, credited for the first time.

Technical Specifications
Original title: Crazy Panties
Alternative Titles : Crazy Underwear
Country: Italy
Year: 1992
Directed by: Roberto D'Agostino
Cast: Eva Grimaldi , Monica Guerritore , Deborah Cali , Marisa Merlini , Raoul Bova , Barbara Vinci, Sergio Vastano
Duration: 97 '
Production Company: Oficina