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 Gefangene Frauen


You can not and will not leave this island . As a reminder you will no longer wear your clothes . Everyone undress !

More than words, there is a scene that describes very well this craziness by Dietrich. Brigitte Lahaie who plays Rita, a prostitute who working in a brothel, take off her boots completely naked. The camera instead of following the action,  prefers to stay on the details (guess what ... ) of the former French porn star. Et Voilà.
We can also end the review here, because this "Woman in Prison" of 1980 it's all here. A long carousel of naked women with large zooms on female sexual organs and many soft-core scenes.
Not that Erwin C. Dietrich surprise us , this is clear, we know him very well and this is just one of his bordeline soft-core movies.
In a warm state, that has a very evocative flag, a stylized woman with the breast to the wind, is set this film that hasn't a great plot but is notable for the cast.
Aside from the super star Brigitte Lahaie, absolute protagonist and in great fit (and let's say that! ) We also find the blonde Karine Gambier already seen in many sexploitation and Erik Falk .
Exploited, undressed, beaten , they are the protagonists of a story that takes place in a country controlled by a dictator, not bloody, but very filthy. He and his wife (Karine Gambier) decide to arrest the girls of a brothel to imprison them in a penitentiary that deliberately becomes a porn prison. In addition to having sex with the guards , the prisoners are forced to fight against as gladiator, in an arena that for some reason is inside the penitentiary.
The rest follows the path of "WIP", the attention of the warden the sado and lesbo Carla (Karine Gambier ) , the classic break of the prisoners, but in ends in a different way , and although the word "surprise" is huge, it is a little different from other movies. There isn't the collapse of the prison system but a simple substitution in the head.
To make us forget that "Gefengene Frauen" is just an excuse to see naked women and sex scenes , there are the sunny islands of Baleari, with their brillant colours make more interesting a movie directed without great ideas or technique (zoom a part...) by Dietrich, who also put into a scene from his "Die Madchenhandler".