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"Half- Shark. Half- Octopus . All Terror "

We want to say the first thing that we think reading the title: we are facing the predecessor of "Sharkhado"
And we are always on "Syfy "!

Without knowing anything, without reading anything, we start to  see this film of 2010 and we know from the titles the presence of Roger and Julie Corman as producer. A thing that raises expectations. Then minute after minute, comes out from a corner of the mind the faded memory of "Shark: Rosso nell'Oceano" by Lamberto Bava, which refers to " Jaws" and so no, "Sharkhado " has nothing to do here.

The genre is still the same, that of angry and rabid animals that in recent years has a new springtime, but " Sharktopus" is of another level . It's a "sci-fi/horror " that refreshes well a gnere that Mr.Corman know veryy well. It's perhaps also thanks to him that "Sharktopus" works and is a good "B movie". It must be said that it has less charme, because the old monsters (such as those of "Attack of Crab Monsters" to quote another monster fish Corman ) were more romantic and CGI's are allowing more movements, are less expansive, but doesn't give anything to the imagination.

Technical innovations aside, the plot is always the same. Some girls in bikini, the usual experiment that goes wrong and out of control, which creates a monster that makes a mess of infinite lifes. The pace is taut, full of events, moments a little ' comedians and of course, a direction and an acting certainly not memorable. But the blue of the sky, the sea and the sun, make it a pleasant viewing.

The United States Navy is the cause of the massacre, as they commissioned to the engineers of the "Blue Water" a powerful monster, half shark , half giant octopus, called " S- 11" . During a test , however, the monster is out of control and runs away to Mexico to Puerto Vallarta, where in addition to sunbathing, kills tourists, and much more. It's always not what the United States can do to Mexico !

On its trail came the daughter of the engineer who created it, much of the staff of the "Blue Water ", a kind of hunter and the inevitable journalists looking for scoops. 

"Mockbuster" of a " mockbuster" or film inspired by ? Good question, the reference to the film by  Bava is quite clear (although in that case for the budget monster is never show ... ) but it's not mentioned anywhere and be broadcast only by fanatics of a certain cinema. A humble opinion, we think that we are in a middle ground, between a kind of remake the craziness/ fantasy of Corman and the institutional trash of "Syfy".

As always by "Syfy" can't miss a known face in this case is Eric Roberts, accompanied by the Anglo- Thai model Sara Malakul Lane, by Mary Tessa Corman (guess who is her father) and Peter Nelson famous for being one of the villains of the series "V".

Fact Sheet

Original title: Sharktopus

Year: 2010

Country: USA

Directed by: Declan O'Brien

Cast: Eric Roberts, Kerem Bursin , Sara Malakul Lane, Héctor Jiménez , Liv Boughn , Julian Gonzalez Esparza

Duration : 85 '

Production House : New Horizons Picture