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Fantasm Comes Again

"The softcore sensation that puts it all in!"

About fifty thousand Australian dollars grossed are  a good reasonto make a sequel, must have thought the unknown producer and director Anthony I. Ginnan . So, before he became a famous name in genre cinema and explotation Australian's cinema Ginnan produces "Fantasm Comes Again" thinking that fifty thousand dollars , always Australians are also a good reason not to change anything. Little or nothing.

And here again we have movie with sketch, borderline softocore, always focused on sexual fantasies. But this time everything is told by  two editors of a newspaper that read letters of hot adventures. There is no longer director Richard Franklin, but Colin Eggleston a year beforehis most famous film "Long Weekend" .

The changes end here, because the actors are more or less the same, star of the US hard and soft-core cinema as well as the locations, with scenes shot in Australia and scenes in Los Angeles (the most extreme). And the themes follow the same line of "Fantasm" , often they meet, touching and overlapping.  So, tt starts the carousel. Sex in silence in a library, at a party at the home of the chief, in a barn, in a drive- in, in car while the boyfriend drives, in a church, and then again at home with  parents without forgetting a special training exerciser, a hot elevator and an interesting adventure in a pool.

The result is a film that clearly doesn't have a surprise effect and the change of director doesn't help the movie, made less well, almost trivially and mounted with an ax. The irony that was the salvation of the previous movie is much less convincing and the music falls in quality and importance.

However, the cast is good for the genre, beginning with Rainbeux Smith actress and musician famous "B's" star ruined by heroin that destroyed an interesting and potentially good career taken her to death, move to Uschi Digard (always in the lesbian segment) and then again Brenda Fogarty, Elaine Collins, Candy Samples and Serena. In addition to the bodybuilder Rick Cassidy we find a cameo by John Holmes and Titus Moody with Ron Covert all well-known actors of the seventies.

Fact Sheet

Original title: Fantasm Comes Again

Year: 1977

Alternative Titles : '99 Fantasm , Fantasm 99 , My Best Time ( Working Title ) , Fantasm en gang till (Sweden) , 2 Fantasm , Fantasm II ( International )

Directed by Colin Eggleston

Country: Australia

Cast: Rainbeux Smith , Uschi Digard , Brenda Fogarty , Elaine Collins , Candy Samples , Rick Cassady , John Holmes, With Covert , Titus Moody

Duration : 98 '

Production Company: Australian International Film Corp., Filmways Australasian