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Nuda Per Satana


We trust Luigi Batzella, for about twenty minutes here, because we had the impression of facine with an interesting movie. Well Done. A horror similar of those of Jess Franco ,with Gothic scenarios and excessive use of zoom. Yes ok, there was some strangeness, a flash with a naked woman, or the fact that we understand the problem here, but all worked .
Then this "intro" already long and full of bwords doesn't have a dramatic crescendo, but is extended until the end of the film. Words, words, words. Boob.Boobs.Boobs. Special effects even worse than the one of Ed Wood .
Luigi Batzella aka Paolo Solvay gives us another pearl that arrives after his sexy horror "Il Plenilunio Delle Vergini" and before the well-known " Kaput Lager- Gli ultimi giorni delle SS " and "La Bestia in Calore " .
The obscure Italian director retry the of horror movie with a visionary movie, that must be said, it's good in his attempt, especially in terms of the idea. Unfortunately he slips badly, trying to be too intellectual, and also because he has limited budget that gives one of the worst effects in film history: a funny example of spider in paper mache. Or maybe a budget used all for  rent the location, a beautiful castle in Ciociaria. Who knows.
Added to this are numerous and forced nudity, quite all starring Rita Calderoni, the feminine side of the film. Let's face it , Rita Calderoni, already seen in "Delirio Caldo" has an exceptional physique, and is the best aspect of the film and in fact Solvay put her naked wherever he cans.
Among the many moments in which we see her naked that we mention the vision of 
the master of the castle who see her naked in his thoughts. Or even, not bad at all, the bit where she is in a bathtub, in the classic scene of the Italian cinema of the seventies, where in this case is reached and dried by a demonic girl of the castle. And finally we see her turn wearing only a towel and then with a torn shirt that leaves one breast to the wind. A redundancy of nudes, among other things, that more voyeuristic than soft-core, which is sublimated with the surreal orgy that closes the movie with demonic beings from nowhere.
Always great satisfaction from Baltzella /Solvay that puts this naked bodies on a story with Stelio Candelli of genre cinema and of course the aforementioned Rita Calderoni.

Candelli who plays the Dott.Benson is a doctor who is called in the night, he arrive in the wrong place and he sees, so to speak , an incident that has as victim Susan (Rita Calderoni).
After this the two coming in a castle, inhabited by strange people like Peter and Evelyn (always Candelli and Calderoni ) and in a very bizarre story, full of pompous phrases and difficult to summarize. In short this is a story of doppelgangers instigated by the devil who appears to us as a kind of tired Dracula and without canines.
It's a movie that you must to see, to respect the madness of the director, for the beauty of Rita Calderoni, for the presence of Candelli and to decide if "Nuda Per Satana" is an appreciable movie or a total bullshit. This film creates discussion and differing opinions, then is a movie that wandering on the thin line that separates an immense crap from a decent movie. For us it's the first, but our doppelgangers say that it is an appreciable film, for Calderoni and for some directorial choice. It's up to you.

Fact Sheet

Original title: Nude For Satan

Alternative Titles : Nude for Satan , Les Nuits de perverses Nude (France) , Gymni BROSTA ston Satan (Greece)

Directed by: Louis Batzella

Year : 1974

Cast: Rita Calderoni , Stelio Candelli , James Harris , Renato Lupi, Iolanda Mascitti , Luigi Antonio Guerra

Country: Italy

Production House : C.R.C.

Duration : 82 '