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Grazie Nonna


Perhaps it was the slap of Gianfranco D'Angelo at the beginning of the movie, or maybe the body of Edwige Fenech that he sees often, but the career of Giuseppe Valerio Fioravanti aka "Giusva" ends here. The artistic career to be precise, because Fioravanti becomes a despicable right-wing terrorist, author of brutal murders, some of them unpunished.
But we want to talk about this movie (...), because we are here for this film of 1975 who in the title and a little in the intentions cites "Grazie Zia" by Samperi of 1968. But we aren't facing in a disturbing drama here, but with an "italian sexy comedy", precisely the genre "young vs. MILF" with the young man who dreams and the woman who teaches him the secrets of sex and of the life.
But if on the one hand "Grazie Nonna" use, with success, the beauty of the beloved Edwige in other hand, it doesn't have, apart Gianfranco D'Angelo, any comic relifs. Here in fact there is an air of bored bourgeoisie that goes in contrast with the "people" represented by other films of the genre  The result is a slower movie, more melancholy, saved only by the grace of our heroine who plays Marijuana a Colombian woman, (let us know if you find South American characterist in Edwige Fenech) who returns to Italy to meet the family of the deceased and elderly husband. Therefore she meet children and grandchildren who are waiting an old grandmother .
As soon as she arrives, everything changes. Carletto (the infamous leader of the NAR, Fioravanti) is in charge of the family to hold off the granny. He keeps hidden the women until he can. Then his father and his brother discover all and start a race to conquer the beautiful "Colombian" .
With the usual scenes of showers and some other unreal, the beautiful Edwige also won the respect of the citizenship of Pisa, the city where the film is set.
Along with the aforementioned actors, there is also Enrico Simonetti, more appreciated as a musician, that here play the father and also composed the music played by his son Claudio, the of the "Goblin". Valeria Fabrizi in the shoes of a jealous waitress was the wife of Tata Giacobetti one of the members of the " Quartetto Cetra" movie, theatre, television actress, and finally a model for "Playboy" in 1976.