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Below The Belt


 "A Penetrating Look Into the Sordid World of Bruises and Broads ! "

It's to be masochists to watch a movie of Bethel Bucklew but it is probably the fault of our diseased brain that we continue to whatch them and to insist on the works of this obscure "Grindhouse" director

Things don't always go wrong, however, some movies are more or less decent, sometimes useful but fast . Others instead make you regret of being a cinephile . The latter is the case of "Below The Belt" , a film appreciable only for three things. Two we will see later, the first is the title, a successful two-way with the world of boxing.

Boxe present only in the title and little else is a different matter that also explains the fact that the "noble art" is an excuse, trivial, to build a 
soft-core story.

And here we have a manager of a young boxer, who tried convince the boy to have sex while he is having fun instead without any problems and is also a gangster. John Tull known at the time playing this character, playing badly, but he can give to his a character an odioud aspect.

He is the base of a long carousel of unnecessary scenes,  that elevate a little ' with the other two decent features of " Below The Belt" : Rene Bond and Uschi Digard. The first one of the preferred actress of Bucklew and especially Novak, is one of many girls of the manager. The other, the Swedish Uschi, hasn't a different role, but she starred in the hottest and trash scene of the movie.  A long sex scene on the edge of a pool in which enters at one point even a dog, probably escaped from the control and left in the shot ( the first good as always! ) .

In this boring movie there is only George "Buck " Flower who can show some artistic skills, creating a funny character.

Although it is best to have a match with a great boxeur than watching this movie we will continue with our mission in the world of  Buckalew . Hoping the gong sounds soon .

Fact Sheet

Original Title : Below The Belt

Alternative Titles : Golpe Bajo (Argentina) , Nackten Und Die Perversen , Boys And Sex- Und Die Nackten Perversen (Germany)

Year : 1971

Directed by: Bethel Buckalew

Country: USA

Cast: Uschi Digard , Rene Bond, John Tull , George "Buck " Flower , Steven Hodge , Fred Finkleoffe , Mirka Madnadraszky

Production Company: Boxoffice International Pictures

Duration : 89 '