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Brand Of Shame


Pop music at the beginning, bodices exploding and the is a lesbian owner of the hotel. More sixties than old west so it's  another, dusty, absurd, Wild West.

Lost in the territories of comedy and "sexploitation" in this 1968 film happens very little, if we exclude the long moments in which actors and actresses remain tangled without clothes and with nice music in the background.

We are facing with a pop product, therefore, useless to the history of cinema, but harmless, written by an expert of the genre, producer David F.Friedman and directed by Byron Mabe that in those years created many movies: " Acid Eaters ", " Lustful Turk" and "Space Thing" (among many others) .

The story of this 1969 film tells about the sweet Rachel Clark. A young  teacher who with a map of a mine given to her by her father goes to a small town in Texas. Already on the stagecoach, also attacked by bandits, she met Steve a dynamic young man who offers to help her, in addition to everything else (call it stupid!). In the village then, when citizens know about the map it becomes the object of desire of the lesbian owner of an inn and his servants a group of characters rather than stereotypes.

The top is reached in the last few minutes of the film, in which the beautiful Rachel is kidnapped by the bad , stripped and whipper roughly forty times, while Steve instead of  to escue her is in the arms of a young woman.

If they find the mine or at the end they prefer to spend time doing other things , is something that we leave you to find out.

The star here is Marsha Jordan who plays Miss Mollie , the lesbian owner of the inn .
Name almost forgotten today, Marsha Jordan was in the sixties and early seventies, the "Queen of the Soft-Core ".
Child of a pastor , she grew up in a Catholic convent and after being hostess for the "Delta", she enters the world of cinema to play leading roles in soft-core movies films as "Lady Godiva Rides", " Marsha The Erotic Housewife" and "Sweet Georgia" . She became famous thanks to several public appearances and her undoubted beauty. She decides Marsha Jordan in the seventies to abandon the genre slowly and even the world of cinema. After small parts in commercials or TV series she retired in California, where she lives with her husband and their children .

Technical Specifications

Original title : Brand Of Shame

Alternative Titles : Nude Django und die lüsternen Mädchen von porn Hill ( Germany ) , Nude Django

Country: USA, Germany

Year: 1968

Directed by: Byron Mabe

Starring: Marsha Jordan , Steve Stunning , Cara Peters, Steve Vincent , Darlene Darling , Vic Sav , Dan Martin , Red Rivers , Samantha Scott

Duration: 73 '

Production Company: B & B Productions, Urania - Filmproduktion