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Super Fly


Never a dude like this one! He's got a plan to stick it to The Man!

If you write " Super Fly "  on Google you will see a world of fashion, music, reviews,  various artists , and much more , most of them are inspired by this 1972's movie directed by Gordon Parks Jr. So, this film should be a super fly, ie it must be cool, better than the other!

We must say , however, that vision a little ' disappoints our expectations, because although it's very famous and is one of the landmarks of the  "blaxploitation" is a movie that prefers words to the action, redemption than revenge, and who has neither a good direction or good acting .

Although it's slower than other movies of the same genre and it hasn't a cool actress, it remains a fundamental chapter of cinema thanks to several things, like clothes , cars or ghetto's dialogues. But what makes "Super Fly," a cult movie and not to be missed, it's  a soundtrack of the best of all time.

Let's start from here,  from the third Curtis Mayfield's  album thta wes released in the  July of 1972 as the soundtrack of the film, from which it takes the title.

Mayfield was a multi-instrumentalist artist and activist for human rights, he gain fame in the second half of the sixties as a leader of the group "The Impression " , whose songs filled with social messages, became anthems for the movements , climb the charts and sometimes are part of important scores.

In 1970 he left the band and starts a succesfull solo career of which "Super Fly" is the highest point.

He writes songs for other artists , continues its social commitment but gradually, in the eighties , he began to be less present in public. In 1990, then , an accident on stage doesn't allow him to play the guitar but he continues to compose and sing, obtaining in 1995 a "Grammy" for the career and  in 1999 he entering into the " Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame ." At the end of the same year he dies , at only fifty-seven, from complications due to diabetes.

Going back to 1972 , "Super Fly" with its nine songs immediately became a hit and one of the milestones of funk and soul music , acclaimed by the critics of the time. It sell over two million copies only for the single "Freddie 's Dead " and in 1997 it was remastered and expanded with some "demo" .

It can be said that as an attachment to this album there is also the film, that it's the debut and most successful work of Parks Jr, a director brief career (and life too), son of the director of "Shaft". He tells the story of Priest, a drug dealer who wants to change his life but before closing the career he search last big hit, selling thirty kilos of cocaine. From this beginning a series of adventures that will make a difficult path to redemption and changing. Everybody are against him form the underworld to politician, but we don't do forget that Priest is super fly and does not give up easily.

Huge success at the box office than a year after pushing  the first sequel "Super Fly TNT " directed by the protagonist , Ron O'Neal, famous for this character. In 1990 arrives "The Return of Super Fly" with the music composed by Mayfield.

The other actors were tied to this movie with the exception of Julius Harris , who worked  in many film and TV production.

Super Fly
Scheda Tecnica
Titolo Originale: Super Fly
Titolo Alternativi: Superfly - alamaailman kuningas (Finlandia), I symmoria me ti hrysi Cadillac (Grecia), El último golpe (Perù), Odlot (Polonia), Superfly (Germania), Superfly (USA)
Anno: 1972
Nazione: USA
Regia: Gordon Parks Jr
Cast: Ron O'Neal, Carl Lee, Sheila Frazier, Julius Harris, Charles McGregor, Nate Adams, Polly Niles
Durata: 93'
Casa di Produzione: Sig Shore Productions, Superfly Ltd., Warner Bros