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11 days, 11 nights


With a critical eye and in hindsight to say that "Nine ½ Weeks " was a bad movie is a thing known worldwide as much as talk about its success and as much as the fact that Joe D' Amato was a fucking genius.

Actually, it was the world of Italian cinema to be brilliant, frequented by a bunch of evil minds ready to follow the path of blockbusters. So a year after the release of the itchy stories with Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke arrives "Filmirage"  with a low cost version of the well-known film with a story written by Claudio Fragasso and Rossella Drudi.

In this clever work of Massaccesi, it shortens the time (nine and a half weeks to eleven days) using
english pseudonyms for actors and crew, but it was really shot in the United States and has the good idea to reverse the roles. Here, is the woman that is the evil mind, and man is the victim.

The core could not, however, different of course, and is composed of a series of erotic/
bizarre adventures or at least try to be, including all of the great classics of the genre: outdoor sex, inversion of roles, sadomasochism, sex with food (honey to be exact) and ménage à trois .

Not an original story, predictable, but well-managed and structured by our beloved Joe, who also works with a budget more than decent and with much less erotic than his standard, showing the protagonist only in topless and putting only two full nudity, one of a extra and the other of the male protagonist (sigh).

The game works well, doesn't exalt, this is true, upset with a soundtrack 80 's (matter of taste), but "Eleven Days, Eleven Nights " work also for the beauty of the protagonist, who isn't Kim Basinger, is named Jessica Moore, was born in the Marche with the name Luciana Ottaviani, but it's a great view.

She is the morbid
Sarah Asproon, who "catch" on a  ferry the super-nerd Michael, an accomplished designer, devoted to his job and to his fiancè Helen, another nerd character, who is going to marry.
The meeting with Sarah, however, opens to him a new world, outrageous, crazy and makes him abundantly reflect on his relationship with his girlfriend. Left his life and go with the lovely
and uninhibited Sarah? It can be a choice, but even the latter as well as having its good defects, hiding an incredible secret.

Returning to the main characters, it must be said that Jessica Moore has played in some genre films, including "La Monaca Del Peccato" and " Top Model " a sort of sequel of this movie, in which she harshly polemic with D'Amato for some shots that she doesn't like . Apparently she left the scenes for love.

Mary Sellers who plays Hellen instead has a film career that continues today with small appearances. Joshua MacDonald, the nerd Micheal, soon disappeared from the world of cinema. Maybe he's still thinking about the body of the beautiful Sarah.