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El Caminante


As an exorcist, I know him well.

You yourself could well be the Devil

 The return of the devil on earth, as we all know, light debates, fills books, websites and scares people since many centuries. Among the tongues of fire and absolute darkness, no one has ever considered a return as what the great Paul Naschy told in this 1979’s movie, wrote, directed and starred by himself.
No apocalypse, no tear land, but a quiet walk of the devil who took human features, returns to Earth with the name of Leonardo, to see if progress has been made here (no, not at all, for the record ) .
Apart from this ,Beelzebub, in his travel in the Middle Ages also takes a lot of satisfaction not only carnal.
This is a fascinating movie  and despite it talk about of the devil, is not evil (ok, this is a bad joke) . Leaving aside our lack of humor, this is a movie that cross several genres, moving with ease from the grotesque to the drama, eroticism in a string of horror. A tale almost theatrical, with no special effects and in which the devil is manifested in its true aspect with a red dress. The structure created by Naschy is composed of episodes in which Leonardo shows his cunning, but also the weakness and wickedness of the humans. Good photography which, accompanied by a elegant narration completes this movie, that, as defects, sometimes has too many words, too much difficult theories.
Remains, however, a pleasant vision, often funny, break by Naschy with a very dramatic moment.
Among the many adventures of the Devil we want to remember when with his servant ends up in a convent in which he pretends priest and he makes an exorcism (easy to understand how) and is poisoned by the convent handyman. When he awoke the situation has changed: it’s in a brothel, where he really enjoy and where we can see an obvious homage to "A Clockwork Orange" .
Everything turn around Jacinto Molina Alvarez aka Paul Naschy form Madrid a real horror Spanish myth Professional weight lifter, soon he leaves the sport to tries to work in what has become his passion: cinema. He wrote many stories and scripts, and thanks to his physique get small parts in Spanish or international productions filmed in Spain. But in 1968, at thirty-four, changes everything. He wrote a screenplay called "La Marca Del Hombre Lobo" focuses on the story of a polish werewolf named Waldemar Daninsky. A script that he offers to some German producers. However, since they didn’t find an actor for the role, is the same Naschy that plays Daninsky, who becomes his most famous character. From 1968 to 2004, Naschy plays the role of werewolf twelve times (the actor who has "transformed" more into werewolf) a few times himself directing the movies. Naschy didn’t plays only this role, because he played all the classic figures of the genre,  the only in history to be Mummy, Hunchback, Count Dracula and Frankenstein. Naschy died in 2009 at seventy-five in his Madrid.

Scheda Tecnica

Titolo Originale: El Caminante 

Regia: Paul Naschy

Anno: 1979

Nazione: Spagna

Cast: Paul Naschy, Sara Lezana, David Rocha, Ana Harpo, Blanca Estrada, Irene Gutierrez Caba, Pepe Ruiz

Durata: 89'