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Entrails Of A Virgin


As an exorcist, I know him well.

You yourself could well be the Devil

The nervous expectation when you wait something happens. When you want something to happens. And when there  the turning point came at the end, after long, endless minutes of awful words and situations already seen or exaggerated. Here are three lines that explained this erotic Japanese splatter of 1986, directed by Kazuo "Gaira" Komizu. Japanese film director and screenwriter gets his nickname "Gaira" from Gargantua of the film "War Of Gargantua" of 1966 and with this film he begins with a diptych of extreme horror.
Violence, sex scenes, thick, huge penises, are the characteristics of these two films realesed in the narrow space of time .
This first movie we have to admit that begins well, with a parallel narrative, and a sense of stupidity not bad. But then it turn into stereotypes of horror cinema: a person or something, hit  on the road in the dark and a house lost somewhere that is the
refuge for the night
Two classics of the genre who haven't an interesting development, but who take refuge in an endless series of sex scenes rather than morbid, very slow, with the peak with a monster.

Very slow, especially in the central part, it's a movie that shows only the exhibitionism of a director who wants to shock especially with that monster, driven only by the desire for sex.
Removing these scenes we can talk about a good film for the genre, because some moments of directing are not bad and the story has shades of splatter and "pinku eiga" .
Komizu takes us on a story in which we find a crew engaged in a photo shoot with some models in the middle of nowhere . After work, the group returns to home. But it is night, there's fog and something or someone is hit on the road. They decide to stop at a house to spend the night . The place seems uninhabited and is ideal for giving vent to many sexual impulses driven from positions of power and by false promises of work.
Among squeezing, extreme sex, humiliation, and so much more, with intimate details such as obscured as law wants,  also ends up strange monster with a huge penis who massacre almost the whole group. Who is, it is never clear, but narratively absurd as it is, is the one who sent the story forward.
Entrails Of A Virgin " is a film that gave notoriety abroad to the director and was welcomed by critics. For us is too and also has a certain misogyny .



Technical Specifications

Original Title : Shojo no harawata

Alternative Titles : Entrails of a Virgin (USA) Vitsiozes parthenes (Greece) , Egy szűz zsigerei (Hungary) , Guts of a Virgin (USA)

Year: 1986

Country: Japan

Directed by: Kazuo " Gaira " Komizu

Cast: Saeko Kizuki , Naomi Hagio , Megumi Kawashima , Osamu Tsuruoka, Daiki Katô , Hideki Takahashi, Kazuhiko Goda

Production Company: Rokugatsu Gekijô