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Escape From Tomorrow

Bad things happen everywhere  

The 2013 of independent cinema was also the year of "Escape From Tomorrow", a film entered from the front door, from "Sundance Film Festival". 

The case is well known and has bypassed the indipendent cinema circuit, to finish on all media , because "Escape From Tomorrow" aside from having a beautiful poster was filmed in large part at Disney World and Disneyland, unbeknownst to the American company notoriously jealous of his "intellectual property".

A "Guerrilla Filmmaking" mission accomplished with a Canon Eos 5D Mark II in video mode and with the use of smartphones for coordination. A case. A joke for Disney.

But aside from all that what is "Escape From Tomorrow"? First, it's a movie that was well received by critics and that many have labeled as psychological horror or fantasy horror and especially as a work that follows the path of the work of Polanski and Lynch.

In our humble opinion, however, is a work that deserves to be seen only by his story and his (excellent) technique. We had the doubt, that so much hype hiding a movie not too interesting, with a plot that has several gaps, excessive moments where nothing happens, and above all a message that has already been gutted several times.

Yes, seems to want to follow the path of Lynch, with a series of mysteries, surreal moments that go in crescendo until it reaches a climax in the end but here, quite simply, there is a story of a man in midlife crisis and this movie wants to hit the facade of perfection of our society or rather the hypocrisy that everything should be cheerful and shiny (like an amusement park of course).

A good parallelism, it must be said, on which there is the story of Jim, who after losing his job led the family to have fun in one of the Disney parks. Instead of freeing the mind, Jim begins to experience strange adventures which begin with a morbid obsession for two French students and continue with visions, nightmares, sex with a strange woman, bizarre characters, and ending with the Epcot center nerve of nightmares and controls (defined by Jim a big testicle).

It's a brilliant achievement, made​​, as we said at the beginning, undercover in the two great amusement parks of the United States of the American company .

A production which for obvious reasons had to plan everything, shot fast (at most scenes were redone three times), in black and white, in order to avoid technical problems (see light) and using only the technical equipment such as Canon and smartphones.

To this the director Moore added in post-production some Chroma Key scenes and as it's an independent production (and undercover), the result is homogeneous and smooth.

You may ask yourself what thinks  Disney of "Escape From Tomorrow" a movie with a Disney's bloody hand on the poster, well, we can imagine after having reasoned a lot ' above, Disney has decided to ignore the film, to not try to stop it or boycott it . Indeed, the company has included this movie in its official encyclopedia and we can also imagine that they did not because they love this work, but to avoid giving even more notoriety.

Instead, we should ask ourselves what would happen to "Escape From Tomorrow" if it had been shot with the permissions or if it wasn't filmed in the parks of Disney.


Technical Specifications

Original title: Escape From Tomorrow

Year : 2013

Country: USA

Director: Randy Moore

Cast: Roy Abramsohn , Elena Schuber , Katelynn Rodriguez , Jack Dalton, Danielle Safady , Annet Mahendru


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