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Necromania: A Tale Of Weird Love


 "Our cast Wish To Remain Anonymous"


Tim Burton
in the movie that gave the world-fame to Ed Wood, says: the worst director of Hollywood in his late career has turn to the porn-horror cinema. So, it's easy to repeat like a mantra "the worst director of Hollywood in his late career turn to the porn-horror cinema" (he isn't the worst however) in discussions between snob cinefiles but it's very hard to watch these movies and waste time.

If you are in the second group, you are like us and have all our respect but honestly do cinephiles snob and do not bother with a movie like " Necromania : A Tale Of Weird Love! " We must admit that not be bad at all.

Already we have lost hours of looking at life , we take the right to say that it has all the right features to be forgotten, erased from history . And there was almost succeeded! Apparently, " Necromania : A Tale Of Weird Love! " Disappears from circulation immediately after the realization, merely some copies unavailable " soft-core " that some site brilliantly defines as "bootleg" . Then after a long time , namely at the end of the eighties and after a long search , reappears in 2005 and ends up well on DVD. Uncut . And here it is.

In fact, the good Ed Wood is far from porn / horror , is indeed far from horror , if we exclude the use of a coffin and a skull , but it is inside,

lot, in porn.

This film from 1971 is extremely easy to tell. This is a story filmed in a bedroom of a house in which all have sex with all of them. In theory, there is a plot, clear -trivial pretext for the sex scenes , which tells the story of Shirley and Danny , a married couple , ranging from a necromancer to solve erectile dysfunction for which he is afflicted . And there, by the sorceress have fun a lot.

Filmaccio really bad , boring and does not arouse any sympathy as the many other works of Ed Wood .

The cast that appears in the credits of credit with a fun "Our Cast Wish To Remain Anonymous " is made recognizable by Rene Bond, Ric Lutze from her husband , Mary Arnold and others who , in effect, remain anonymous. IMDB also makes Ed Wood between the actors , but honestly we got out ( and we have no intention of reviewing the film) .

The role of the magician played by Mary Arnold , another actress in this movie soft-core era, it had to be nothing less than Maila Nurmi , meaning " Vampira " after reading the script and perhaps also for the nude scenes , has preferred to leave it alone. At least she has avoided this filmaccio .

Technical Specifications

Original title: Necromania : A Tale of Weird Love!

Alternative Titles : Necromania (USA)

Directed by Ed Wood

Cast: Rene Bond, Ric Lutze , Mary Arnold

Production Company: Cinema Classics Production

Duration: 54 '