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Machete Kills


The nostalgia gang hit again, with a good work, which in the "Grindhouse"  cinema, means to be more trash can as you can. And apart from a big budget and a long list of stars who of course there weren't in the golden age, but are needed today,  the nostalgia mission also works in this second chapter of the saga of Mexican avenger.

Of course, in order to overcome the first chapter were needed to raise the bar of the trash and it was not easy, but Robert Rodriguez, who also wrote the story and screenwriter Kyle Ward succeed in this, placing a huge amount of absurd things, just like the good old days.

"Machete Kills" is a story in which everything happens. It starts from Mexico and end up in space. A domino effect never endin , which always opens new bizarre situations. The irony of the base, explain what "Machete Kills" is : an absolute fun.

The big budget allow the production a series of special effects well made and above all to have an all-star cast funny and amused, that work
from their normal artistic canons.
The most unconventional is Mel Gibson who plays for the first time the role of a villain. But here we also find Charlie Sheen, credited with his real name Carlos Estevez, Michelle Rodriguez , Amber Heard , Demian Bichir , Sofia Vergara, Cuba Dooning Jr, Antonio Banderas and especially Lady Gaga in her first film and in a right role , a bounty hunter known as "El Camaleon" (then we discover why).

The joyful gang lead by the always deadpan Danny Trejo is in a story in which the United States government hires Machete to retrieve a dangerous mexican boss named Mendez. A mission that seems easy but, it turns out, that Mendez has a heart attached to a missile system and his death would cause the destruction of Washington. And not just that  because he suffers from bipolar diseas and embodies two different characters. The only solution is to return him in the U.S., but on the two there is a reward and unleashes a manhunt. Among hunters, the most interesting is undoubtedly "El Camelon " (played by Dooning Jr , Banderas and Lady Gaga) a person that can change his face. In this there is also the usual rich insane criminal (Gibson) taken directly from the sci-fi and, as a character wants, he is a danger for the planet Earth.

Exercise in style, naturally full of references to other films, "Braveheart ", " Desperado ", " From Dusk Till Dawn " and many others with a tribute to the "Lucha Libre" and of course to "El Santo".

We like very much "Machete Kills" and even more we liked the opening to a third movie, that seems, will be (or should be) a sci- fi "Machete Kills space" but is clear that it's a series that can be appreciated only by a certain audience, the ones that read bad blogs like this. And we aren't better than other people, but it must be said that we are different and trash is a reason of life. And we like so much. As much as this Mexican avenger.

Technical Specifications

Original Title : Machete Kills

Titles Alternate : Robert Rodriguez 's Machete Kills , Machete Mata (Brazil, Portugal) , Machete tapab (Estonia) , Machete : The epistrofi (Greece) , Machete ubija (Croatia) , Machete gyilkol (Hungary) , Machete zudo (Lithuania) , Maczeta zabija (Poland) , Machete : Ucigas meserias (Romania) , MACETA ubija (Serbia) , Мачете убивает (Russia) , Ustura Dönüyor (Turkey) , Machete 2 (working title)

Year : 2013

Country: USA

Directed by: Robert Rodriguez

Cast: Danny Trejo , Mel Gibson, Demian Bichir , Amber Heard , Michelle Rodriguez , Sofia Vergara, Charlie Sheen , Lady Gaga, Antonio Banderas , Cuba Gooding Jr., Vanessa Hudgens, Walton Coggins

Production Company: AR Films , Entertainment Aldamisa 1821 Pictures , Quick Draw Productions, Demarest Films , Overnight Films