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Riti Magie Nere e Segrete Orge Nel Trecento

The question is: what's your goal? Because here if they try to make a spoof of satanic horror movie, the result is more than good. But if they try to make a good horror  they are, far, away from the goal.

Why all these uncertainties? Well, the answer is easy, "Riti Magie Nere e Segrete Orge Nel Trecento" is an ambiguous movie that just doesn't make us understand if it's serious or if it's a joke. What is certain is that we are facing with at a work really trashy movie, that mixes vampires, satanic cults, Middle Age, witches, psychedelic seventies, a bit irony on the young and a lot of girls half-naked wandering aimlessly or without a mission.

A smoothie with lots of elements decidedly indigestible, which requires an heavy attention to not to lose the (il)logic plot. The acting then it is bad as much as direction, that complete the disaster with short "nonsense" frame that maybe had to be psychedelic .

The director is Renato Polselli of whom we appreciated the craziness of "Delirio Caldo" and a year later he seeks to raise the level of the movie of taking care of the photography. But the attempts are so light that in all this chaos go unnoticed.

Many errors instead are not invisible and we see a large numbers in this 1973's movie. Among people that can't be of the three thousand, absurd scenes and classic blooper, we know that the story is set in the seventies, but the title talk about of the three thousand and is mentioned several times that the burning of the witch has happened five hundred years ago. Need a calculator ? No of course not, we should be in the late four houndre! The good Polselli, at least in this, should not have faults, as we see later.

However, the execution of the witch in the late fifteenth it the start of the whole horror story with Isabel who unjustly executed by the bloodthirsty peasants becomes the icon of a vampire cult. Then we find ourselves in the seventies. All were reincarnated and Isabel's family buys the castle in which five hundred years before the execution had occurred. During the engagement party the adepts of the cult wake up and make a shambles of the virgin friends of the bride.

Nearby seems there is also Dracula, but nobody knows why and he is never seen, but there is not far from the castle.
Only few girls escape from slaughter, among them there is the character which is the satire on young people of the time, she is stupid, and with some silly jokes she goes to  bed with a friend and a guy who define "nerd" is an understatement. And the moral may be that at the end only fools are saved and there is no hope for the future society (well yes... look at those who govern us now ) .

Title rather than commercial, tries to follow the "decamerotic" genre and replaces two years later, for a new release, the original title "The Reincarnation of Isabel ", which at least made ​​sense.

Polselli always lost between visions and baroque works again with most of the cast of "Delirio Cald " and always with the same lead actors: Mickey Hargitay and Rita Calderoni.


Technical Specifications

Original Title : The Reincarnation of Isabel

Alternate Titles : Black Magic Rites and Secret Orgies In the fourteenth century , Black Magic Rites : Reincarnations , Reincarnation , The Ghastly Orgies of Count Dracula, The Horrible Orgies of Count Dracula, The Reincarnation of Isabel, Black Magic Rites & the Secret Orgies of the 14th Century (UK) , Rites , Black Magic and Secret Orgies in the Fourteenth Century (USA)

Year: 1973

Directed by: Renato Polselli

Country: Italy

Cast: Rita Calderoni , Mickey Hargitay , Raul Lovecchio , Christa Barrymore, Consolata Moschera , William Darni , Max Dorian

Production Company: G.R.P. film