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Doriana Grey

The sexy vampires grow up. Not bloodthirsty, but hungy of human warmth. The evolution of this type of character dear to the great Jess Franco is "Doriana Grey", a close relative of the Countess Irina von Karlstein of "Female Vampire " and a little ' more distant of  Countess Carody of "Vampyros Lesbos ".

The sum of these two films brings us to this movie of 1976, which incorporates some ideas of the second and some of the character of the first one of which it avenge the quite flop.

The protagonist is always out scantily clad Lina Romay who wander with few clothes on, or at most she has a thin layer of tissue.

Known especially with two titles "Doriana Grey" and "Die Marquise von Sade ," by clear references to Wilde and De Sade is an erotic film, often deviated in porn, and that only a great director as Jess Franco manages to take away from vulgarity, creating what can be described as brilliantly as "porn auteur"

The images are strong, often thrusts, but the director never gives up on a remarkable elegance and of course his bizarre eyes, that lingers over and over again on the private parts and sex scenes.

The cinema's period of Franco, ie mid seventies, leads us in a dark, decadent ambient, which go wonderfully well with the story.

The protagonist is an attractive woman who can seduce anyone. She is Doriana Grey and she lives alone in a huge mansion. It's a symbol of women's emancipation and success, so much so that a journalist goes to her for an interview. And during this interview we discover the life of Doriana, who has a twin sister, switched at birth, locked in an asylum and devoid of any sexual sensitivity. Doriana however, in her sexual adventures, manages to bring to life the emotions as well as her sister and suck the lifeblood of the people.

Aside from the beautiful Lina, we find Monica Swinn and some other actors of genre movies (including the beautiful Martine Stedil) and the world of Franco and Dietrich, who is also the producer here .

Technical Specifications

Original title: Doriana Grey , Die Marquise von Sade

Alternate Titles : Le portrait de Doriana Gray ( France) , Das Bildnis der Doriana Gray ( porno version ) , Marquise de Sade (Germany)

Directed by: Jess Franco

Year: 1976

Country: Switzerland

Cast: Lina Romay , Monica Swinn , Raymond Hardy, Peggy Markoff , Martine Stedil , Andrea Rigano

Production Company: Elite Film