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Cry Of A Prostitute

Everytime we watch a movie by Andrea Bianchi, we want to know what happened to him in the from the second half of the seventies in which he turned in really bad movies like "Malabimba" and then in porn cinema and then all the rest . Because Andrea Bianchi although here he does reach the quality of " Nude Per L’Assassino" of two years later, brings home a more than sufficient work.
A noir homemade and sometimes a bit' shabby  but it has several things that run pretty well. Starting from the fact that Bianchi takes ideas from Sergio Leone, t from he "trilogy of milieu" by Di Leo and from Lenzi (not to mention "The Godfather"), reworking the whole thing and mixing with unprecedented violence and with little respect for the lives of his characters.
As leader of this river of blood is the right man in the right place, that is, Henry Silva and his cool expression plays Tony Aniante a character, for once, tha takes revenge on life.
The collection of violent scenes in huge. A corpse of a child used as an object to transport drugs, the famous scene in which Tony sodomized Margie, the uninhibited American wife of a boss played by Barbara Bouchet, slamming her face on pig’s carcass (in another scene he beats her on a face with a belt). Or also, the death of a “picciotto” stuck on a blade for cutting of wood .
Many blood splatters that join western structures, with the anti-hero, the tough Tony Aniante, who come back from U.S.A., where he learned the work, and returned to Sicily to work for the clans. And at home, he develops a plan in which he puts against two Mafia families ina blood feud that as the results that we have already described .
Our Tony goes around with the attitude of the Far West avenger, with shades of Django, reaching his high point in the scene where he enters with Sicilian cart in the mansion of the boss anticipating his arrival with a whistle ( a bit ' absurd to say the truth, in style "dolby surround").
Unfortunately, "Quelli Che Contano" stumbles into an accomplishment not brilliant, a flat acting and especially in side plot that mention Shakespeare with a story similar to the "Romeo and Juliet" useless and little exploited. But we like the result, thanks to an high and permanent tension.
Aside Silva, we find Barbara Bouchet as Margie a former prostitute of New York who marries one of the bosses then continuing with his pleasure, to exice men and drink alcohool.
Vittorio Sanipoli, as Boss Don Cascemi, was a cinema and radio actor. Extremely versatile took part in a hundred films. In the role of Don Turi Scannapieco, another boss, we find Mario Landi best known as the director of " Le Inchieste del Commissario Maigret" but especially for the authors of this blog as a great and "brilliant” director for the movie "Patrick Vive Ancora" and "Giallo a Venezia". And finally, the great Fausto Tozzi , screenwriter and actor, the only one capable of creating a good and well acted character.

Original Title: Quelli Che Contano
Alternative Titles: Ja tuhoin hetki koitti (Finlandia), O nomos tou ektelesti (Grecia), Cry of a Prostitute, Cry of a Prostitute: Love Kills (USA), Die Rache des Paten (Germania), Guns of the Big Shots (Titolo Inglese),The Big Shots (internazionale)
Director: Andrea Bianchi
Country: Italia
Year: 1974
Cast: Henry Silva, Barbara Bouchet, Fausto Tozzi, Vittorio Sanipoli, Mario Landi, Mauro Righi, Dada Gallotti, Patrizia Gori
Production Company: Alexandra Internazionale Cinematografica
Lenght: 97’