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Emanuelle In America

Journalists and photographers in search of scandals. Investigative journalism is a work that can be done in various ways, correct, incorrect or far from the code of ethics. Well , the method of Emanuelle can certainly define not orthodox and maybe she would ousts from the professionals but it is definitely one of the coolest we've ever seen. Sex. Oral, full, straight and lesbia , to which we add candies in penis shape, and especially the bestiality of which, however, she isn't the protagonist. By these ways the feminist heroine,  journalist and photographer of models, achieves all her objectives, but maybe she does't win the Pulitzer but is the protagonist of a film full of events.
Joe D' Amato who directed his second "Emmanuelle", manages to create what is the most representative and also the strongest episode of the series. In terms of characterization, Emanuelle reaches its apex of a free woman, sensual and relentless, while the story is a series of erotic situations around the world (New York, Venice, the Caribbean, Washington, Africa). D'Amato uses a simple formula, because at the end he merges a long sequence of moments of sex, torn by the actions and philosophy of the protagonist. Although the film is only that, it works, it's not boring and especially it hasn't weakness point as his predecessor.

What is certain is that the moments created just to go on are many, such as "scult" scenes, as the horse masturbated or the "snuff" movies but D'Amato is good at managing it and seek also a decent photography and direction (in some point he reaches that ). And with Gemser in good form, which manages more than ever to make credible her Emanuelle , the mission is accomplished .
This erotic tour of the world, starts from the
New Yorker studio of  Emanuelle, passes by psychopath who wants to kill her, but he change the idea after a  fellatio and continues in a harem of a trafficker, in which between lesbian and hetero moments she scored the first journalistic scoop of the story. Then, in Venice, she discover the sorrow of the upper class in a party that seems to be the low-cost version of thet of"Eyes Wide Shut".
Then she went to a Caribbean resort for rich women looking for sex, a place where she is unmasked she is in danger, but escapes seducing the director and paying the taxi with sex.
Not satisfied with strong emotions she investigates about some "snuff movis" marketed by a prominent politician of Washington and finally she goes in Africa where she rests,  married a tribal chief and starts again for new adventures in a closure that mocks the media.
A good job for the genre that reaches the top with the "snuff " scenes, the high moment of cinema. Turn with hand-held camera and with the help of Giannetto De Rossi are stong images still with raping, hot oils, iron dildos and breasts cut off. So well done, as you can imagine created several problems.
Of course, " Emanuelle in America" ​​also has the hard core version with added scenes in post-production, with  Marina Hedman between the protagonists .

The music of Nico trusted Fidenco are able to follow and underline the amazing adventures of Emanuelle, and the performances of Laura Gemser, Gabriele Tinti, the beautiful Paola Senatore and many familiar faces as Lars Bloch, Roger Browne, Riccardo Salvino or  the starlet Lorraine De Selle .

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Original title: Emanuelle In America

Alternative Titles : Brutal Nights, Emmanuelle na América (Brazil) , Emmanuelle i Amerika (Denmark) , Emmanuelle en América (Spain) , Emanuelle Amerikassa (Finland) , Black Emanuelle en Amérique (France) , The Emmanouella stin Ameriki (Greece) , Black Emanuelle - Stunden wilder Lust (Germany)

Directed by: Joe D' Amato

Year: 1977

Country: Italy

Cast: Laura Gemser , Gabriele Tinti, Paola Senatore , Roger Browne, Riccardo Salvino , Lars Bloch , Lorraine De Selle , Marina Hedman

Length: 100 '

Production House : New Film Production