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Silly alerts on opening titles, busty babes, 60’s pop music, images of US desert landscaper, and subjective on boobs. Who inspired and to whom is dedicated this movie? Ok, is easy. Really easy. And it’s absolutely useless that the "King Of The nudies " is mentioned in the credits, because here you can see his shadow everywhere.
Among the homage and a copy, there's as we know a fine line, but in this case we want to believe to the first hypothesis, because Yudis creates a story that apart moving in the paths of the great Russ Meyer turn into a demented original context. The result is a very fast and crazy funny movi and above all is a freak comic perverse as anticipates the title.
Yudis, however, doesn’t oly working in the manner of Meyer repeating his bizarre irony but with the cinematographer, the Englishman Guy Livneh, take different shots from him, especially from "UP ", " Vixen " and " Beneath The Valley Of the Ultra- Vixens ", the pop movies of our hero, those in which he doesn’t put limits to his ideas . Yudis also takes the characteristics of the characters, from the busty babes, to the two protagonists, a young man, similar to the various Lamar, Paul and Henry (the protagonists of the films mentioned above ) and an old man, transposition almost identical to the one of "Faster Pussycat Kill ! Kill!"
The detachment from the stories of the great master, comes slowly and only in the last part of the movie, in which Yudis turn the story into a demented horror, using the "Stop Motion", plasticine, to propose a series of improbable twists.
A successful mix of elements pleasing to the eyes (we don’t say that only for the boobs), but for the use of bright colors, weird visions splatter thet leading "Pervert!" to be a middle way between the explotation and freak horror .
The story of course is full of events and it’s difficult to summarize. However, everything takes place on a ranch lost in the desert, where lives Hezekiah and old widower and his girlfriend, the busty and uninhibited Cheryl. The old man realizing hideous sculptures of meat (a sort of Von Hagens without the concept of plastination).
One day his son James, who attend university in New Orleans, returns home . It's a boy with big problems with sex and find in Cheryl a good and funny teacher. In addition to have strange sexual performances and to have it in strange places, there happens also strage and unexplained facts. It’s a coyote running at night? Or it’s something else? Who knows. And we'll see if James, his father and a number of busty and uninhibited girls that come to the ranch , can solve the mystery.
Mary Carey is the exuberant Cheryl that surely would have been hired by Russ Meyer too. World famous pornstars, had a decidedly strange life, with big family problems, the possibility then faded to enter in a dance academy and then the beginning of the career as an artist for adults that has led her to the strip club to hardcore videos.
But not only that, because the beautiful Mary was also run in 2003 for governor of California ( Won then by Schwarzenegger) .
We started talking of her for obvious aesthetic reasons and because, apparently she is a very nice person, but the film's stars are others. Darrell Sandeen, who died in 2009 at seventy-eight years old, plays the lecherous old psychopath Hezekiah. He has been an important theatre actor and on the big screen we saw him in "Interview With the Assassin" and in "L.A. Confidential " in the role of the corrupt "Buzz" Meeks . The others actors in this movie are Sean Andrews, the beautiful Juliette Clarke and also Jonathan Yudis who plays a gay and neo-Nazi mechanic accompanied by his son Williams at the time really young . They couldn’t start better! .

Technical Specifications
Original title: Pervert !
Year: 2005
Country: USA
Directed by: Jonathan Yudis
Cast: Sean Andrews, Darrell Sandeen , Mary Carey , Tula , Lucy, Edmund Johnson, Malik Carter , Juliette Clarke, Aurelie Sanchez
Production Company: Infinite Entertainment , Stag Films