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Mark Shoots First

Just the time to understand where the story is set and because the protagonist is there and "Mark Il Poliziotto Spara Per Primo" starts with a large number of action scenes, with whistling bullets and killed person. An introduction that helps us understand what we are dealing with and also the meaning of the "shoots first".
Stelvio Massi, in the second chapter of Mark point quite all on action, adding thriller, some social criticism and unfortunately saving the plot and the development of the story.
The result is that this is an incomplete movie, which has a good direction (we see some excellent action scenes), a good tension, but also a series of nonsense things.
Franco Gasparri is again Mark Terzi, described less nonconformist than the first movie, because here he is more an avenger than a tough commissioner, and he kills easily the bad guys without much thought, shooting at everything and everyone (as the end) with unerring accuracy and dodging with a great lucky every gunshot against him. Yes, it’s a bit' absurd our hero.
He is the hero of Genoa, a city well described here where he finds the historical enemy, the businessman Benzi, played always by Lee J.Cobb and a gangster (played by Nino Benvenuti, which replaces the colleague Duran), enveloped in a some bad traffics. But Mark has to deal also with a psychopath who kills for revenge the corrupt symbols of power. He calls himself " The Sphinx" because on the places of murders he leaves a draw with a sphinx, and he loves puzzles, riddles, (all resolved by our Mark) and has in mind a great plan in Wil E.Coyote’s style.
On his trail, however, there is the Commissioner, who with his manners solves everything. In addition, the handsome Mark, takes care of his St. Bernard, Whisky, and also of an eighteen year old girl who at first tries to kill him.
So many things. Too many things. And too easy solutions. The result, however, is not bad, and the vision this movie, absurdity and plot aside, it's nice. Generally well received by fans of the poliziottesco, this movie opens a debate with no winners or losers, on which is better between the first and the second movie the series.
Personally we prefer much the first, thanks to the idea to detach from the institutional idea of an iron Commissioner and for remaining in the dogma of the genre, that here instead is mixed with (a little) thriller.
The cast aside from the aforementioned actors is full of important personalities from Spiros Phocas protagonist in "Rocco e I suoi fratelli", Andrea Aureli , Massimo Girotti and Ely Galleani.

Technical Specifications
Original Title : The Cop Shoot To Mark First
Alternative Titles : De KalDer mig Mark - strømernes fate hånd (Denmark) , Justice sans sommation , the Gachette Marc (France) , O astynomos pyrovolise protos , Ultimatum (Greece ), Mark - Içimizdeki tehlike (Turkey) , Das Ultimatum läuft ab (Germany ), Mark Shoots First ( International)
Year: 1975
Directed by: Stelvio Massi
Cast: Franco Gasparri , Lee J.Cobb , Nino Benvenuti , Ely Galleani , Spiros Phocas , Andrea Aureli , Ida Meda , Massimo Girotti , Roberto Caporali
Duration: 95 '
Production Company: Atlas Productions Consorziate