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Cries Of Ecstasy Blows Of Death

Caught by a discouragement never seen, we admit that we wanted to stop the vision of this movie. Stop. Eject.
This is an unwatchable post-nuke, with transparent plastic igloo (not a bad object to tell the truth), set in a desert near a pipeline, and built around a large number of sex scenes and less numerous scenes of violence. Tremendous. Boring. Without a real plot .
A film that opens with a scene of rape and murder against two girls, perpetuated by two guys on a motocross bike. If the beginning already says a lot of things, the following minutes are no different, with the first and long soft-core sex scene . And so on.
Sex , violence, desert and an unbreathable air, are the things that seem remain on earth after another war that destroyed everything. The survivors live in igloos and have fun and are in war with the various tribes of bikers who roam in the wilderness. It’s all. This is the story.
And tell us, if we hadn’t reason to stop watching it . But at the end we didn’t, because just we were about to stop the DVD appear her on the screen: Uschi Digard . And you know that we can’t ignore her performances (you know what we mean right?) .
Aside Uschi "Cries Of Ecstasy, Blows Of The Death" of 1973, deserves to be remembered for legend. On varoius sites is credited as Italian movie with the title of "Sesso e Delirio" or "Grida di Estasi" One or two versions also have an incipit, which in the original doesn’t exist, which explains that the world was destroyed by a nuclear war, and the survivors are forced to live in these facilities to avoid the death penalty, usind the images of "The Crazies" by Romero .
It is rather obvious that it is an American product, both for its location and for the actors, and for once believe us that it’s better to leave the honor of fatherhood to the United States .

Technical Specifications
Original title: Cries Of Ecstasy , Blows Of The Death
Alternative Titles : Cries of Ecstasy , Delirium and Sex ( Italy )
Year: 1973
Country: USA
Directed by: Anthony Weber
Cast: Sandy Carey , Michael Abbott, John Martin , Dianne Bishop, Sherri Mason. Uschi Digard
Production House :
Duration: 75 '