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Lèvres De Sang

What school teachers said? Oh yes…if the boy make efforts he, would reach his goals. We don’t’ know if abroad it’s the same, but in Italy often teachers say that. In this case we must said that we forgive the little efforts in the previous works of Jean Rollin, because he did them only for commercial reasons. But herewe see with pleasure a great search for something that is beautiful to see and interesting to follow.
“ Levres De Sang " a movie of 1975, takes us back to his first movies . Those in which Rollin search the beauty in every scene and meticulously a good photography Those in which Rollin creates slow stories full of symbolism , vampires and naked women. With a great enthusiasm and with an ambitious project, Jean Rollin come back behind the camera for a movie that should be his most important work. The French director can works again with a theme he loves, thanks to a young French producer, Jean-Marie Ghanassia , a great fan of his early movies that gives to him money and artistic freedom , and then thanks to Lionel Wallmann producer of "Jeunes Filles Impoudiques ", "Baccanales sexuales " and " Les Demoniaques " and production managemente for " Vierges Et Vampires ."
With Jean -Loup Philippe, Rollin writes an intense story , fascinating , mixing childhood , love, and of course vampires, a history comparable to the mystery and depth of "La Rose De Fer ."
The structure of "Levres De Sang " is based on two central characters , Frederic and Jennifer . The first a men has a faded memory of him as a child who spends the night in a castle with a beautiful girl who takes care of him . He never see her again and the memory of the girl and the place, faded slowly form his mind, but a day he see a picture of the castle that opens his mind and above all brings him back the urge to know where the girl is gone.

The intrigues and throwing off tack that follow, created by friends and relatives , doesn’t stop the man who finds his beautiful Jennifer, a vampire at the time sentenced to death with all her tribe. But apart from the "love story ", of which we have already said too much "Levres De Sang " is a nice movie , maybe better than the previous , thanks , to the symbolism and a good storyline , but also thanks to an excellent setting and the equally excellent photography curated by Jean François Robin , here almost at the beginning of great career .
The locations have their great importance and Rollin choose really well, going to shoot at the ruins of Chateau Gaillard French historical monument located in Normandy, whose construction began in 1196 under the reign of Richard the First of England ( the Lionheart) and placing scenes at the aquarium of the Trocadero and in Belleville .
Unfortunately, " Levres De Sang "doesn’t explode into its full potential due to several production’s problems.
First of all, the money comes just before the start of filming and production problems leading to various cut scenes . The knockout blow , especially against Rollin , deeply affected , is the choice to put into the movie  hardcore scenes to try to recover a very poor income .
For these problems, the film has several gaps in the story , including free naked scenes (as the model ) and definitely some scenes stitched in a hurry . But despite everything " Levres De Sang " exert a certain fascination over us, showing us some beautiful scenes and a good plot . This is partly thanks to a cast that mixes the director's loyalists and new faces . In the latter category we find Annie Belle (credited as Annie Briand ) that after the fast appearance in "Bacchanales sexuelles" here becomes the protagonist playing the vampire Jennifer . At her side  there is Jean- Loup Philippe as we have seen he also wrote the screenplay . Among the Rollin loyalists’ there are the Castel twins , Natalie Perrey , Mireille Dargent that with Paul Bisciglia , Willy Braque , and the porn actress Martine Grimaud complete the cast of this interesting vampire chapter of the vampire film

Technical Specifications
Original title: De Sang Lèvres
Alternative Titles: Lips of Blood (Finland), Jennifer (working title), Suce-moi vampire (France, X-version), Aima is heili ton parthenon, Heili pou estazan aima, Matomena heili (Greece), Lips of Blood (USA) , Suck Me, Vampire (USA, X-version)
Year: 1975
Directed by: Jean Rollin
Country: France
Cast: Annie Belle, Jean-Loup Philippe, Catherine Castel, Marie-Pierre Castel, Natalie Perrey, Mireille Dargent, Paul Bisciglia, Willy Braque, Martine Grimaud
Production Company: Nordia Films, Off Productions, Scorpion V
lenght: 83'