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Guinea Pig I: The Devil's Experiment

Rather common is the idea that Asians are the only ones who can  make horror/thriller believable and scary. Maybe it can be for their ability to go beyond the limits.

Of course, this lack of limits sometimes goes really far and gives birth to a question "Why?” The perfect example is the series "Za ginipiggu" known as "Guinea Pig". And the title promise already much for these seven episodes (although the latter is a sort of "Best Of") created from 1985 to 1992 who shocked the audience, give an idea of "snuff movie" and end up in some legal problems for the authors .

It's all OK. It’s all fiction, are special effects, really well done.  Let's start with number one: The Devil's Experiment. It's forty-five minutes movie with almost no dialogue starring a girl catch and kidnapped by two men that undergo every torture possible to test human endurance.
Tortures and much more in a very minimal set that touching the apotheosis of weird with the "count" overlay of minutes and tortures suffered by the woman. At the end she dies. Nothing else to add except as already said everything looks incredibly real and therefore the result is rather disgusting. The Japanese know how to do good horror.

Title: Za ginipiggu: Akuma no Jikken Alternate Titles: Guinea Pig: The Devil's Experiment, Guinea Pig
Year: 1985
Country: Japan
Director: Satoru Ogura
Lenght 43 '
Production Company: Japan Home Video