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Kaput Lager – Gli Ultimi Giorni delle SS

"Whip him !"

"It 's already dead sir"

"Whip him anyway!"
Although far away from the masterpiece "La Bestia In Calore" and from psychedelic horror "Nuda Per Satana" the great Luigi Batzella gives us another delight for gourmets. A Nazisploitation that is a melting of incredible things, from which you can stay alive only accepting everything without asking questions. So don't try to find a sense, because as in all his films, there isn't

Batzella creates chaos sudden just because  he does a great job of cannibalism versus some of his previous film , "Quando Suona La Campana" "Il Giardino Del Diavolol"  putting in the opening, some scenes taken from the above that disorient the viewer who believe that is in the to middle of the film.

Desert. There is a war, some people running, attacking and destroy many things, for  ten minutes, without an apparent cause. Then this action ends up straight in a camp in which are imprisoned British and American soldiers who fail the mission against a German base. So it's the Second World War! So those at the beginning wanted to kill Nazis!

And then the movie leave the " war" to slip into more morbid "Nazisploitation" under the clutches of a sadistic homosexual and a lesbian who are the chiefs of the prison camp.  She is Doctor Lessing played by actress Lea Leander, yes, the one of "Cani Arrabbiati", and he is none other than Gordon Mitchell Peplum and Spaghetti Western's actor. The nasty couple try to follow as they could the
most successful characters of the genre and especially Lea Leander follow the footsteps of Ilsa, but not having all her healthy malice nor liters of blood provided by the production, and the beauty of Dyanne Thorne (also the boobs of course).

So "Kaput Lager - The Last Days of the SS " is a pale imitation low-cost of the movies of the genre, sometimes more polite, with Lessing expressing her wickedness more in words than in manners and sometimes is more trash, with some cult scenes that can be the favorite of lovers of a certain cinma In this regard are worth mentioning, in addition to exquisite joke that we transcribed under the title , showering the prisoners grated with a
clownish brush , the usual orgy with champagne (very poor) attempting to drink urine to a German English prisoner and the presence of fake Arab women stripped naked and tortured. Thos things give an idea of this movie? No, maybe not yet, we add a poor direction and many poor lines thrown away by a cast who, with Mitchell spoofing germans, it seems forced to work .

After tortures Batzella put typically "women in prison" feature, the escape of the prisoners who take as a hostage Dr. Lessing and in whose footsteps there are the Nazis .

Most boring movie than shocking in comparison 
"La Bestia In Calore" seems a touching film about the subject. And that's says all

We find also good Isarco Ravaioli and another hero genre films such as Richard Harrison.

Technical Specifications

Original title: Kaput Lager - The Last Days of the SS

Alternative Titles : Oprør kvindelejr the SS- 113 (Denmark) , Aavikkotiikerit , Erämaan Tiikerit (Finland) , Boureaux SS No. 2 , Erika Les jours des posted in the last SS , Les tigres du désert (France) , O tigris tis erimou , Oi teleftaies meres ton SS ( Greece) , Desert Heroes ( Philippines) , Achtung ! The Desert Tigers ( English title ) , Wüstenfüchse kennen kein Erbarmen (Germany)

Country: Italy

Year: 1977

Directed by: Luigi Batzella

Cast: Lea Leander , Gordon Mitchell, Richard Harrison, Isarco Ravaioli , Agnes Kalpagos , Gino Turini , Zaira Zoccheddu

Production Company: Cine International Holiday