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Blood And Black Lace

A sign swinging in the dark in the rain and we, after only 1'30", we stuck to the video, won by "Blood And Black Lace”  We dare, because you can’t judge a book by its cover, but Bava is a master and then, yes, you must have already heard about this movie. Otherwise you can not be considered a cinefile. .
And here we have the cornerstone of the thriller, a milestone of victims and killers a movie from which many have taken something and from everyone has learned many.
In all honesty the great Mario Bava creates a masterpiece thanks to an unrivaled aesthetics and some great ideas. Because the plot is not perfect and Bava prefers to focus almost everything on the beauty of the package. And if you think that we speak like that because we are clever men of two thousand who have already seen liters of blood and vicious killers, we report the words of a review of the time "(...) Preciously photographed in color by Ubaldo Terzano with the most exquisite ticks, the film gives the thrills and emotions most with the excellent technique of the director than to the tottering ideas of a clumsy screenplay (...)" Well, clumsy is too much, because the screenplay isn’t memorable, but isn’t bad and then it works and is at the service of the art of Bava and Terzano .
Many stereotypes of the genre, such as deserts and sinister places that attract people , a trigger rather than normal and a inept police lead the viewer into this story set in an elegant Roman atelier, in which begin to be murdered several models. We see stories about drugs, money and betrayal, with a fascinating masked killer movie and in kill in a very violent way. Themes and manners really new for that era and can define all the features of the genre.
Also helped by a glamour set, Bava can shows his skills to manage well few things available.
And so Bava he makes, clothes, hairstyles, the protagonists of refined lights, seen by reflected a great eye, while a simple stove and a bath are the place of violent murders. And not just that because the dummies mix and mingle with the models, removing the personification of the characters and giving us a strong symbolic message. And yet , not only that because the sign swinging in the dark at the beginning of the film is a symbol, by none other than the " Cahiers du Cinema" which asks the meaning to the director who, however, didn’t even remember to have shot the scene. History as usual on the border between legend and reality, as Bava and his filmography, always hanging between being a skilled craftsman and a fine artist who loved to hide his skills.
This remains, however , an essential movie for anyone who has said at least once in life "I love cinema”.

Titolo Originale: Sei Donne Per L’Assassino
Titoli Alternativi: Six Women for the Murderer,Fashion House of Death (Internazionale), Seis mujeres para un asesino (Argentina),Der Würger mit der Maske    (Austria), Seis Mulheres Para o Assassino (Brasile), Jernhånden i rædselsnatten (Danimarca), Seis mujeres para el asesino (Spagna), Himotappaja,  Lustmördaren, Verta ja mustaa pitsiä (Finlandia),6 Femmes pour l'assassin, L'atelier de la peur (Francia), 6 gynaikes gia to dolofono, Aima kai mavri dantella, Aima sti mavri dantela (Grecia), Hat halott modell, Hat nö és a gyilkos (Ungheria), 6 mujeres para el asesino,  Seis mujeres para el asesino (Messico), Blood and Black Lace (USA), Blutige Seide (Germania),
Regia: Mario Bava
Cast: Cameron Mitchell, Eva Bartok, Thomas Reiner, Ariana Gorini, Dante Di Paolo, Mary Arden, Franco Ressel, Claude Dantes, Luciano Pigozzi, Lea Leander, Massimo Righi
Nazione: Italia
Durata: 88’
Casa di Produzione: Emmepi Cinematografica, Les Productions Georges de Beauregard, Monachia Film