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 Bikini Frankenstein

She'll Love You To Pieces!

The industry Bikini "something" of Fred Olen Ray this time goes straight, straight and tries to penetrate none other than the myth of Frankenstein. There aren’t bikini contrary to what the title promises, and there are few clothes in general, but it’s not a problem, because even it remains far away from being a memorable parody on the theme, this film is a great chapter for its genre "direct to video " soft-core to the limits, so dear to the director.
The idea is very simple. An easy realization and a very linear direction, with an infinite series of simulated sex scenes, accompanied always by a music, with a thin thread of story that justifies them .
Then, of course, a very beautiful cast, that between natural beauty and surgery fulfills his duty, slamming violently one another and showing what is allowed.
The expert muscle man Frankie Cullen is the Dr.Frankestein and he lead the troop of actors, which continues with newcomer Jayden Cole in the role of the monster. Oh! Monster to whom? Jayden is not sure that, because he is a natural beauty, half Irish, half Lebanese, who before entering the world of adult entertainment seems to have worked as Snow White at Disney World.
The Asian Christine Nguyen and Alexis Texas act as a expert shoulder of the genre, behind, with the actors Ted Newsom and Ron Ford arriving from other genres as well as other activities in the world of cinema.
You could underline that it lacks the doctor's assistant, essential character in each story of Frankenstein, parody or not, or underline that we have forgotten the role. But we want leave it for last, because even here, in this erotic context, this character becomes the focus of the story. Brandin Rackley, seen in other films of Ray (un)dress the Ingrid role a prosperous teutonic aide, to whom she tries to give an artistic dimension playing with a German accent .
The happy group well handled by director/wrestler is at the center of a story in which Frankenstein is expelled from the school where he teaches because he is caught having sex with a student, who is also the daughter of the principal. He comes back to his castle with the blonde Ingrid and he finds time in addition to having sex with her, to work on the project to restore life to a dead body. In his case, it’s Eve, who once awakened shows a certain strength and a sexual appetite that satisfies often with the blonde assistant. Inevitably, then, the scientist shows his creation to the "world" of science, who study, test the quality and see a hot game, with Eve, Ingrid and Dr.Frankestein. Linear, easy, fun, and Olen Ray brings home another movie.

Scheda Tecnica

Titolo Originale: Bikini Frankenstein

Regia: Fred Olen Ray

Anno: 2010

Nazione: USA

Cast: Jayden Cole, Brandin Rackley, Frankie Cullen, Christine Nguyen, Billy Chappel, Ted Newson, Ron Ford, Alexis Texas

Durata: 81'