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 Entrails Of A Beautiful Woman


More spicy than wasabi, most stodgy than a puffer fish cut badly, Kazuo " Gaira " Komizu, closes the diptych that began with "Entrails Of A Virgin" , with a sharp acceleration to the extreme. Everything is more. Sex scenes not far from hard, splatter, bad taste, drugs and as violence we see raped  women and a hideous monster with a huge
toothed penis.

The Japanese director seems that here doesn't want to put limits to his work and he follows the line of the first movie with references to "Pinku Eiga" and he slips also at the same point of the previous movie, in a plot that has several holes.

As in "Entrails Of A Virgin"  the last minutes reserve to the viewers the best, which in our case is the worst of the worst, touching the high points. He reaches his goal because he disgusts us often, especially in the scene of fellatio to the penis with teeth, followed by full sex scene too violent .

The plot reduce unfortunately the result of this movie, a film that in our
Western eyes looks like one of the many moments of Japanese craziness, because it seems that for some reason, to the central story is added a strand, completely detached who disorienting and bored.

The monster made of offal, the devastating drug, the violence and a few moments of good cinema aren't bad and are the backbone of a story in which the sister of a girl, who was killed by a group of criminals, is raped, drugged and beaten by them in retaliation too. She survives and takes refuge in
Hiromi's office a kind of psychologist. Hiromi affected by this history of violence and abuse attempts to avenge the two sisters, but her attempt goes wrong and gets the same treatment. She is raped and especially doped with a substance called "Angel Rain" .
This "angel rain", however, is not very heavenly and transforms the girl in the aforementioned monster hungry for bloody revenge.

A film strange, controversial , difficult, as the previous gave notoriety to this interesting director.



Technical Specifications

Original title: Bijo no harawata

Alternative Titles : Guts Of A Beauty , gusts Of A Virgin 2 (video) , Entrails Of A Beautiful Woman ( USA)

Directed by: Kazuo " Gaira " Komizu

Year: 1986

Country: Japan

Cast: Megumi Ozawa, Ayako Ishii , Seira Kitagawa , Ken Yoshizawa , Shinji Sekikawa , Kazuhiro Sano, Yoshinari Yoshie

Duration: 68 '

Production Company: Rokugatsu Gekijo