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 Quell'Età Maliziosa

The first few minutes of this movie are a delight for every man. Sorry for the dear women, but the scene is great: there's a man who is overwhelmed by a flood of words by a woman, the wife, who genially we will never see. And the words are the ones you can imagine, a critique of his contribution to the couple, overwhelming, exhausting, which creates a very convincing ironic moment. Okay, okay, we're men, but must admited that at the technical and narrative  level "Quell'età maliziosa" star in a great way.
Unfortunately, a few minutes after starts some problems. Another woman receives the man of the above in his house, dressed only in a bathrobe and out the window he can see the graceful Gloria Guida, half-naked. Too easy .

Aside hope to be one day in a house like that, from here start a whole range of considerations, beginning with  the title too commercial looking probably the wake of the "Italian sexy comedies" , then there is the inevitable comparison with other works of the couple Amadio-Guida and at the end the fact that this movied 
divided equally the audience between those who crushes and who promotes it.
In our humble opinion this is the best movie of Amadio-Guida, but on the subject of drama/erotic/comedy  we prefer our heroine in "Blue Jeans" by Imperoli, even there wasn't Nino Castelnuovo who here give life to a perfect character throughout and well acted, holding also the entire film.

"Quell'età maliziosa" then slips on the excessive length of scenes in which nothing happens, leaving to the dramatic twist only the last few minutes of the film.

Drama, which comes after a series of erotic and vaguely comic
situations whose protagonist is, of course, Gloria Guida. She attracts adults as usual thanks to her innocent beauty, but also the actress who plays her mother, Anita Sanders, attracts men, giving birth to a couple of unquestionable beauty and great erotic power. Sanders is a Swedish actress we have seen often in genre cinema of the sixties and seventies, mostly in dramatic roles before she closed her career with this film, and then works for cinema in technical roles .
This trio that blends beauty with talent is in a movie that has a little inspired direction, that prefer to point exclusively on the beauty of the Isola D'Elba, rather than ideas .

Amadio tells the story of Napoleon (Napoleon and Isola D'Elba...), played by Castelnuovo, a man who, after being verbally assaulted by his wife, runs away from home and finds a job as a gardener at a house on the island. The group of people living in the house is definitely weird. There is Paola, provocative young and beautiful girl (of course the Guide), there is her
beautiful mom, and there are also a morbid stepfather and a maniac fisherman who masturbates watching the girl. Napoleon between erotic visions, blatant provocations, falls in love with Paola, but the tragedy that befalls them, forcing the man to flee from the island. And who knows if he went to St. Helena.
In addition to great Castelnuovo and the classic way to (not) act of Gloria Guida, we find Mimmo Palmara and Andrea Aureli, two experts actors of genre cinema, here in the roles, not always credible , of fisherman and stepfather, and above all there are the music by Pregadio who must have made huge efforts to create a good soundtrack that emphasizes all the moments of the story.

Technical Specifications

Original title: Naughty age

Alternate Titles : The lycéenne large (France) , Mathitria kaftos peirasmos (Greece) , Die sündigen Töchter von Ibiza, Flotte Teens und heiße typen , Wenn die bei süßen Teens Hüllen fallen , That Malicious Age ( USA)

Directed by: Silvio Amadio

Country: Italy

Year: 1975

Cast: Gloria Guida , Nino Castelnuovo , Anita Sanders, Andrea Aureli , Mario Garriba , Mimmo Palmara

Duration: 84 '

Production House : Film Domitia