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 The Lost Empire

There aren’t so much directors, who can manage at debut a story full of mysterious and ancient powers , ninja , sects, girl power , boobs, women who fight in the mud in a prison , and special effects of various types. Well, just someone, like Corman, or one that has followed his footsteps with passion, which was one of his faithful collaborator and maybe has remade a famous films. Yes, of course, is Jim Wyrnoski which over the years has become one of the great interpreters of the " B's " thanks to an endless series of great works.
We are In 1985, Wyrnoski was thirty-five and since few years he is working in cinema in many different roles, he writes screenplays, produces and casting .
Not a rookie but a mane who has never direct a movie. As reported on IMDB the great Jim has the opportunity to work on a film commissioned by the "Plitt Theater", a chain of cinemas of the time, whose owner, Henry Plitt, plans to make a film for "tax loss". Wyrnoski doesn’t knows that, and make great efforts to creates a work, that Plitt loves so much, at the point to change his strategies and focus on the success of the movie.
Legend or not ( other sources we havent’ found), an excited Wyrnoski moved behind the camera, doing his job very seriously. He hires several stunning and busty beauties, which can be considered as the materialization of his adolescent fantasies and among these is Raven De La Croix his girlfriend at the associate producer. In addition Wyrnoski has two intuitions, the first is to shoot in 3D and the second, which is essential for the success of the movie is to left after a few scenes the 3D, and return to the cinemascope. A winning choice .
Thus born a real trash cult with a plot full of events, poor special effects and yes, boobs, enters into the hearts of fans of the genre .
The American director is skilled in telling this bizarre story with a simple eye that often lingers on the beauties of the actresses, such as the incredible fighting scene in the mud in a prison and the following shower.
Nevertheless, it may seem strange, but "The Lost Empire" is not a misogynist film, in fact , point all on the power of three girls who solve a difficult case, defeating bands of hyper-technological and vicious men.
The trio is very heterogeneous and is composed by the police officer Angela (Melanie Vincz), Indian reincarnated spirit of Whitestar (Raven De La Croix that really has a Red Indian descent ) and former convict Heather (Angela Aames).
And if the composition of the group of protagonists is complex, the rest is not far behind. When a group of ninja kills the brother of Angela, during a robbery at a jewelry, she begins to investigate. Complex investigations that will lead her and her friends on the island of Dr.Sin Do a man who organize martial arts and gladiators tournaments, train women (always in bikini) that uses to keep himself young and tries to seize power through an ancient stone. Uh . There is so much more to say, between gorilla put on guard and slaughtered with kick in the genitals, handbags that come alive, laser scarcely credible, but we want just talk about the top moment , that is when Raven De La Croix is imprisoned in topless and she fight with a snake. Yes, it’s the highest point, the one that make this movie a must see for all B’s fans!.
The beautiful Raven De La Croix star of "UP!" reached his second huge success, before working in very minor works and especially before the homage/revival to Russ Meyer "Double D Avenger" of 2001 . In addition to being an associate producer and protagonist, she finds and hires Alan Howarth at the music design their own costumes (not many anyway!) and do the stunt of herself, in addition to helping the director in writing the script . In this film there is also Melania Vincz, famous for various TV series and Angela Aames who has participated in many films exploitation’s and who died for heart problems due to alcohol and drugs, according to Raven De La Croix, because she was not happy to be famous only for her beauty. The men are also famous and we find Angus Scrimm a villain actor, Robert Tessier and Kenneth Tobey.

Scheda Tecnica
Titolo Originale: The Lost Empire
Titoli Alternativi: Império Perdido (Brasile), Drei Engel auf der Todesinsel (Germania), Kauhun valtakunta (Finlandia), El imperio perdido (Venezuela)
Anno: 1985
Nazione: USA
Regia: Jim Wyrnoski
Cast: Raven De La Croix, Melania Vincz, Angela Aames
Durata: 83’
Casa di Produzione: Harwood