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A Scream In The Streets

A City Ripped Apart by Sin and Lust!

This is a really bad low-cost movie, full of trivial excuses to see sex scenes. Holy mackerel! We must admit, "A Scream in the Streets" has a fucking reason to exist and exerts an unhealthy and incredible charm.
The appreciation for this bad movie grows even more if we imagine it in the program of some Grindhouse that at late night transmits the story of stereotypical policemen who tries to catch a psychopath transvestite who kills women after having sex with them. Sex that is accurately shown to the viewer.
An incredible trash but very brilliant. Because there is a story, a crime story, which follows (in his own way) the right way of narrative construction. And because there is a scene emblematic of everything, a hymn to the "B Movies". Two women are having sex and realize that there is a peeping tom at the window, so while they continue with sex one of the two manage to call the police. Voyeurism always present in this film of 1973 and that makes us morbid voyeurs who see the crimes of a psychopath and the investigations of crazy cops. Ed Haskell and Bob Streeker. The police’s investigation is definitely silly, because the killer for an hour and thirty manages to escape from the scene of the crime in ways quite unthinkable, to be then caught in the most stupid way.
Behind all this there is an orgy (there isn’t a better definition) of interesting directors of the seventies. The leader of the group, the only one accredited is Carl Monson who in the same year directed another cult movie, "Please Do not Eat My Mothers".
Then there's Dwain Avery who worked often as director of cinematography with another culprit of this movie Bethel Buckalew and finally the legendary producer Harry H.Novak that here, it seems, he was also behind the camera.
The cast consists of actors who we have seen in many other "exploitation" of the seventies in some movies of the group of “criminal" directors mentioned above or in TV series. Joshua Bryant who plays one of the cops, got several roles in many popular TV series, achieving the major results in "M * A * S * H " and in "Little House On The Prairie " Then we find Linda York known for "Chain Gang Women" , for "Dicktator", "Prison Girl" and many other sexploitation including "Fantasm Comes Again". There is also John Keith saw in "The Pig Keeper’s Daughter”, but the big name of this movie is the great Con Covert a famous face of the genre, who starred many crazy strange and bizarre movies, a little ' as his death occurred two days after he won the lottery.