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Gli Amici Di Nick Hezard

We've always had the suspicion that Di Leo tries to cover herself every time he realized he had made ​​non a good movie. It happened for “Avere Vent’Anni" with "Colpo In Canna" and even with this movie, about I  the author of the trilogy of "Milieu" said that he realized he had given the main part to the wrong actor.
Even if try to cover herself is not polite, it must be said that the great Di Leo is a great cinema’s expert and he is right.
With the best intentions and with some ideas, including an unnecessary use of "split screen" , Di Leo tries the way of the comedy, but it’s not his thing and this movie ends in a big chaos.
Taking several things from "The Sting" he tells the story of a group of nice rascals led by Nick Hezard whom for revenge create swindle, known as "the clock" against a sinister profiteer, Robert Clark .
The idea is not bad, but ends in rough situations often not credible, either for the development but also for the choice of actors, real problem of this movie.
Do you know how much we love Luc Merenda, who have the face of nice scoundrel, but he isn’t a comedian and his Nick Hezard goes around throughout the film trying to be nice, with bad results. The lowest point however, is touched with Valentina Cortese, a really great actress , who has worked with great directors like Antonioni, Fellini, Truffaut and was nominated as  "Best Supporting Actress" at Oscar for "La Nuit Américaine" but here she plays with didactic attitude the sympathetic the mother of Nick, convinced maitress, resulting very unpleasant.
The others go unnoticed and not affect the level of the film. We have the always beautiful Dagmar Lassander little used, Luciana Paluzzi, in the role of a wily thief and the poor Isabella Biagini in the role of a sexy maid. Lee J.Cobb in one of his last performances was the only one who act good, thanks to the interpretation of the villain (of course) Robert Clark.
It’s clear we are not among the friends of Nick and Hezard and we discard this movie. But we must emphasize, thet it has several admirers who find great humor and good technique. Discussions on the forums, post diametrically opposed, howeve, that converge on one thing: the music of Luis Bacalov, are (as always) very good.