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The Inconsolable Widow Thanks All Those Who Consoled Her

Let's face it: the best thing about this film is transparent shirt that Edwige Fenech wears in several scenes. Then there is a very evocative title. The rest is not so interesting despite a great cast and a good director as Mariano Laurenti.

Set in Sicily where was filmed in 1973 (at Aci Reale), this movie would be the classic sexy comedy, but it isn't none of the two things.

The funny gags are very a small number, there is a poor atmosphere in which the characters don't seem blended and is almost absent, incredibly, the sexy side although there is the queen Edwige .

The result is a boring movie that doesn't use the many oppurtunities to ridicule the society and cmanners of southern Italy. Aldo and Giovanni Grimaldi write a story that does not work, put on film by Mariano Laurenti who doesn't think much about it.

Catherine (Edwige Fenech) is the young and beautiful widow protagonist of the story, who to avoid the lose of the inheritance she has to remain pregnant. This opens up two fronts, on the one hand, the brothers of the deceased husband plotting to ensure that she does not have children, and in the other side a large mumber of men who would love to help her. In this vast number of people is trapped the only one who doesn't have any interest.
He is a thief who sneaks into the house, his name is Carlo and is played by Carlo Giuffre, who between grimaces, double meanings and anxieties, finds himself imprisoned in the large house of the beautiful Catherine and her mother, with the obligation to get her pregnant. Although it will seem strange, his mission is not easy or pleasant.

With the ever great  Edwige and  Carlo Giuffrè there are Didi Perego, Guido Leontini , Pino Ferrara , Enzo Andronicus and Carla Mancini.


Technical Specifications

Original title: The Inconsolable Widow Thanks How many cheered

Alternate Titles : The Inconsolable Widow Thanks All Those Who consoled Her , The Winsome Widow , Uma Viúva à Italian (Brazil) , Consolar to the viuda Italian , La viuda inconsolable agradece a los que la consolaron (Spain) , The kai hira or .. . poniries tis (Greece ), A Viúva Inconsolável (Portugal)

Country: Italy

Year: 1973

Directed by: Mariano Laurenti

Cast: Edwige Fenech , Carlo Giuffre , Didi Perego, Guido Leontini , Pino Ferrara , Enzo Andronico

Duration: 98 '

Production House : Film Devon , Flora Film , Variety Film Production